Get Some LED Lights In Your Survival Kit STAT.

survival kitRise & shine!  For it is time!  To update your survival kit and first aid supplies.  Girl?  You know it’s true.  Fellas too — no more delays, let’s just get it done and then relax knowing you’re prepared.

To make light of a tough situation, I must say that unexpected mayhem & natural disasters can bring out the best in us, when we shift into survival mode and become much more resourceful with ordinary household items.  Betcha never looked at your leftover light up party supplies and thought to yourself, “Survival Kit LIFE SAVERs right here!”  Well the times they are a’changin’.


When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, FBL customer Renee Schwidel wrote us about her impromptu survival kit:


“Love your products and loved them last night.  In NY with no power but were able to play board games with the kids using sunglasses, rings and bracelets.  Another reason to have Flashing Blinky Lights on hand.  You never know when you will be affected by a hurricane or storm.”  True that, my friend!  Happy to read Renee & family stayed safe while entertained.


So what are you gonna put in YOUR survival kit(s)?  Renee didn’t have a choice at that time but made it work anyway — love that, go girl.  But YOU, reader, you have a choice.  And here are some of my recommendations to help make it easy on ya:


Wearable LED Head Light with comfy elastic headband.  Love that hands free lighting!  I use it often on dog walks  and searching for old supplies under the kitchen sink and in the tool drawer.


Submersible LEDs.  Place them all around the house for more hands-free lighting.  They are way bright and long lasting, plus waterproof when you screw ’em together tight.  Though they come in every color, and even slow color change, it is white submersibles that will come in most handy when the power’s out.survivalkit7


LED Light Sticks are a must.  That’s the name of the game here.  Some can be worn around the neck for even more hands-free lighting, and our Patrol Wands are some of the brightest ever, white being great to light up a room, and red is ideal to keep in the glove box in case your car’s ever on the side of the road.  Choose its steady light function for in-home lighting, and flash for while waiting for roadside assistance.  These emergency Light Sticks are available in every color of the rainbow.


Glow Sticks.  Affordable!  Eye-catching.  Easy.  And no batteries required — just crack ’em, shake ’em up and stay visible.  Helpful hints: green is the brightest, and shelf life = a few years for optimum brightness.survivalkit8


Blinking Light Up Whistles.  Loud & eye catching, nuff said.


Affordable effective stuff, right?  It’s comforting to know you’ll get by A.O.K. if you lose power for a night or 2.  I put some inexpensive replacement batteries in my survival kit as well, how ’bout them apples?  Preparedness ON TOP OF being prepared — go me.  And if you’re a pet owner, don’t forget about those loyal fur babies – toss in some extra LED Pet Supplies too.

In closing, check out this neat video of what’s going on out there during a big city power outage.  Take it from Renee:  stay safely lit inside, folks, and enjoy this eerie adventure:  NYC Dark from Already Alive on Vimeo.

Y’all take good care of each.

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki