Our Top 5 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Favorites!

Are you ready for Cinco de Mayo?

It’s time to fiesta like there’s no mañana!

Don’t settle for just a plain old dinner gathering this year, make it a fiesta to remember with these helpful tips from FBL. It’s always a tedious endeavor picking out the essentials for your party and can sometimes be overwhelming, that’s why we are here to help. We gathered the data and counted the votes so you can sit back, relax and shop with ease of mind. So, take a look at the TOP 5 fiesta favorites that will take your Cinco de Mayo party from bueno to excelente!

With number 5: Our infamous Red Chili Peppers light up necklace! Feeling spicy and need a way to show it? Are your dance moves being hidden in the dark? Throw on LED Chili Pepper necklace and add a little more spice to your dance moves.

Number 4: For those that don’t have the hottest moves, our Light Up Maracas are the perfect dance partner; which is why we believe our Light up Maracas are number 4 on our top 5. You can steal the spotlight on any dance floor, just imagine what Light up Maracas can do for you! Light it up and shake away!

Number 3: Red LED Flower Crown is just right to stay bonita all night long. Everyone has those guests that rather sit around and look pretty instead of dancing, why should they be left out? Give them Light Up Floral Crowns so they can at least look stylish while politely refusing to grace us with their dance moves. Who says lights are only for fun and games? It can be used for fashion too!  Complete your perfect party outfit with this beautiful headwear.

Almost there… number 2! Make your guests feel less guilty for that huge drink in their hand. When it’s Cinco de Mayo, you don’t need any other reason to party. The beads are affordable, fun to pass around and is the second HOTTEST party favor for Cinco de Mayo.

Last but not least… Numero Uno: Light up Margarita Glass! Because your seniorita needs a light up Margarita. It’s not a Cinco de Mayo party without its’ trademark margaritas. Plus, you can light up your drink for double the fun! It’s been scientifically proven by some of the world’s top partygoers that light up drinks taste better than non-light up ones. 100% true.

That’s our top 5 Cinco de Mayo party favors! Nothing fit for your party? No worries! We have over 100+ more party favors to choose from. We hope you have a GREAT Cinco de Mayo! FBL OUT.

DIY Light up Easter Egg for the most epic Egg Hunt!

It’s Easter season y’all! Grab your Light up eggs and baskets, it’s time to make this Easter a one to remember. Surprise your family this Spring by adding a splash of light & color this Easter!

DIY Light up Easter Egg

As shown in the video, the instructions cannot be any more simple. Simply get a no-smudge marker or Sharpie, draw on the egg, let it dry, and display or hide for the most epic Egg hunt! Take a look at the final batch:

The fun did NOT end here for the creative FBL team! Anyone fan of the #Dragon show coming out soon? Can’t say the name for copyright reasons but you all know what we’re talking about! All I can say is that we had a blast making some #Dragon eggs!

Not feeling eggs? We have our new Deco Star Light Table decoration that is also marker friendly and our best selling all time favorite Mood Deco ball that can also work! In fact, check out this cute Jack Skellington we made for Halloween!

That’s all for today! Happy Spring everyone! ELLY OUT.

Connect with us on Social!

Let’s get #Social! Are you planning an event? It could be as big as a wedding or a small kickback at home, they all have one thing in common: Pictures! We get so many love and pictures from our customers and we want to give back! Introducing our new FBL Get Social Giveback Program!

The steps are simple: Send us your Light up party/DIY pictures or use our #Hashtag to get featured on our page AND for a chance to win #FREE light up goodies 💕✨ If we decide to feature your photo on our page, we will tag you to give credit and also send you a goodie box full of our light ups! Check out our Facebook or Instagram for live examples.

Want to reach us directly? Feel free to drop us an e-mail with any questions you might have: [email protected]com Take a look at a few of the customer submitted photo below!

From Weddings:

From Holiday Events/Parties:

From light up DIY:

From any Light up Parties!

Looking forward to seeing how YOU light up the party! Elly out.

Light up Your Birthday Party

Some Holidays aren’t for everyone… But we know everyone celebrates birthdays! ✨🎉 Light up the birthday party with the perfect table decor and fun birthday party favors with Flashing Blinky Lights!

Let’s Light up the Party!

  • Starting off with our NEWEST centerpiece, the Light up Deco Star! This centerpiece is the perfect decoration for any occasion. It’s also sharpie friendly so you’re free to write on it, draw on it and get creative with it.
  • Our hottest centerpiece yet! The 5.5″ light up Mini Centerpieces dazzle table tops at parties, receptions, showers, or ANY festive celebration. It adds a fun splash that your guests will definitely enjoy.
  • A personal favorite because it’s just perfect for DIYs: Fairy String lights with 20 LED, 80″ long. Wrap it around, hang it, tape it to create the magical fairy light effect!

Here’s a few more party tips! Use our Mini Marquee cinema box for the cute additional decor if you’re not confident with DIY signs. It comes with the light box and letters for easy assembly! Getting the party floor is easier than you thought! Use our party projector to light up the whole room; turning it into a dance floor within seconds. Last but not least, our classic Disco light set with spotlight AND motor included is guaranteed to bring your party to the next level! Make it a party to remember!

Elly out!

FBL Style Guide: What to Wear to a Rave

You have your ticket, outfit, friends and the rave of your choice. Now the question is, what MORE can I do to take this experience to the next level? We know exactly how to help with that. Introducing… FBL Style Guide on What to Wear to a RAVE!


Be different! Finishing off your outfit with not just a regular flower crown but with an LED floral crown is guaranteed to make your outfit shine no matter what time of day. We have hundreds of options for you in our Light up Hats, Hair & Headbands section!

Not into flowers? No worries! Take a look at some #inspo outfits below:

Rave accessories, Rave/Festival Gear

There are many reasons why people go to raves… For the music, artist, experience and also, the LIGHT show. Some ravers go ALL OUT for their light shows, using gloves, fiber optic whips, hoops and so much more. FBL is here to help you start your OWN light show ( No skill required! )

Featuring a few of our favorite rave goodies; our 8-Bit Pixel Sword lights up in different colors bringing the fun to the dance floor. Our Kaleidoscope glasses will make everything around you a light show and can’t forget our top selling Light Up Poi balls to complete your Rave gear!

Wands, Guns, Masks and More!

Whether you’re dressing up as a fairy princess to a space warrior or even just a casual wear, FBL has all the accessories from light up fairy wand, ( Seen in picture on the left ) light projecting space gun, EL wire accessories and MORE!

You’ll be surprised how much your outfit can change just by adding that finishing Light up accessory. Check out some of the cool rave outfits below featuring all our Light up festival rave gear:

But as always, we follow the rule of #PLUR: Peace Love Unity Respect. So as much as it’s about fun, always remember to stay hydrated and safe!

Elly out!

Happy 2019 from Team FBL!

It’s a few days til New Years Eve! Are you getting ready for your party?
If not, no worries; FBL is here to help! Get ready to light up the special night with our hottest New Years Party favors!

Can’t go into the New Years without the Light up 2019 Party Glasses! The classic number glasses have gotten an upgrade!

Welcome the new year in STYLE with our 2019 light up glasses. Ditch the paper number glasses this year and upgrade with our assorted color 2019 glasses.

A fun assortment of different colored frames with LEDs to share with family and friends, or simply to give out as party favors! AND it’s as low as $2.49 each. Get yours HERE.

One other thing you can’t forget when it comes to NYE partying is… Drinks! Leave the red solo cups in your drawer this year and upgrade your game for the new years.

Our Still White Light champagne Glass is the most elegant & fun addition to your NYE party. It’ll have your guest mesmerized all night long. You don’t need fireworks to have a light up party!

The most fun thing to do before a party is to GLAM UP! And we’re definitely here to help you with that also. Introducing… our Top 3 Glam party favors starting with the Tinsel Light up Halo Crown Headband. Our Tinsel crowns are new this year and already going out FAST, grab yours before it’s too late!

Got your hair and nails done? Now it’s time to finish off the look with our Vintage Style Luxury Light up Necklace! Be a vision of beauty in this Statement Necklace and dazzle in alluring light up pearls.
Last but not least, our BOAS! The ultimate ‘Go big or go home accessory. It’s totally high fashion when you wear the Pink Glam Light up Faux Fur Boa. Make a statement this New Years Eve party and shine brightly into the New Year.

Happy 2019! ELLY OUT.

Light Up Your Space DIY

Whether it be a workspace area or a desk in your dorm room, everyone has their own personal space where they spend the majority of their time at. So why not make it special? FBL is here to help you out! Introducing…

We’re here today to show you a few tips and also products that come in handy when decorating your desk. We can start with our NEW and HOT, Pink Neon Love LED Sign!

Light Up Pink Neon Love LED Sign

Spread the Love!

The Neon Decor makes for a great desk piece with a truly wonderful message to share with the people you love! Gift it to a friend going off to college, a coworker in need of a new desk or just get it for your own desk at home! It works as a great night light and comes connected to a USB port for easy usage! ( See it on our Instagram )


Get Groovy & Glittery!

Now, this lamp will bring your desk to a whole different level. We stare and play with this lamp all the time when we’re on hold, during a break and even just cause!

Give it a shake and watch the sparkly flecks swirl and float around for hours along with the slow changing LED lights. As you can see on the sped-up GIF on the right, the lamp is definitely the perfect accessory to have on any office desk. It’s affordable, no battery hassle AND comes in the perfect size for any desk.
Try it out!

Are you ready for the next decor? It’s definitely one of our hottest product! To make up for the Marquee box you always wanted… we’re introducing our newest product yet:

6″ x 4″ Mini Marquee USB LED Lightbox!

You want to get these ASAP because they will sell out for SURE. This little mini LED Lightbox make the perfect stocking stuffer anyone of any age can use for the upcoming Holidays. Well then, it’s time to start decorating!

P.S. We also have a new 13′ USB Fairy Light made especially for Desk decor! Simply plug into your USB port and watch it glow! It’s ambient lighting so it’s slow changing and also not straining to your eye. It makes the perfect gift combo along with the LOVE neon sign! Okay, done for real now! XOXO


The Ultimate Halloween Party Pack Giveaway!

Are you ready for one of the BIGGEST giveaways of the year?!

If you’d like to hurry on and enter the contest, you can CLICK HERE!
If you’d like to take a look at all the Halloween goodies included in the party pack giveaway then keep scrolling!

You can’t have Halloween without Pumpkins! You’ll be receiving ALL the products needed to make your own light up pumpkin! which includes:

Looking for decorations to impress your trick-or-treaters? We’ll add that in the prize box! We have Ghost and Pumpkin light up centerpieces along with 76″ Ghost string lights that will light up AND stylize your walkway! See them in action:

Can’t forget all the New and HOT Halloween goodies of 2018!
(Yes, they’re also included)

  • Light the way with our Jack-o-lantern pumpkin wand! It’s also a great and fun way to keep the little ones seen at night!
  • Here’s a fun treat for the adults: Glowing Light-up Skull ring! Cause if you like it then you should put a ring on it right? Hand em out as treats and people will be losing heads! Get it?
  • The perfect bucket for the trick or treaters! We have our new Pumpkin Light Handle Halloween bucket that’s selling out FAST. You might want to grab one now before it’s gone.
  • I know you’re spotting a few magical light-up bottles in the pictures… those are our Crafty Cork Bottle lights that could turn any regular bottles into a magical decor for your party!

We wish we could show you guys ALL the products that you’d win but some things are best left as a surprise! And it would be a lo-o-o-o-o-ng read.

Get ready to light up your Halloween! ENTER HERE! Happy Halloween everyone! The Contest will end on the 24th. ELLY OUT.

TO ENTER you must complete and submit your entry by following the instructions found on the Contest page. In the event of a dispute, entries received on-line shall be deemed to be submitted by the “Authorized Account Holder” of the email address submitted at the time of entry. “Authorized Account Holder” is defined as the natural person who is assigned to an e-mail address by an internet access provider, on-line service provider, or other organization (e.g. business, educational institution, etc.) that is responsible for assigning e-mail addresses for the domain associated with the submitted e-mail address. Limit of one (1) entry per individual. If it is discovered that you attempted to enter more than once, all your entries will be void. Contest starts at time stated on CONTEST PAGE and closes on time stated on contest page (the “Contest Period”). There are five (5) grand prizes to be won from among all the eligible entries received during the Contest Period. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Prize must be accepted as awarded. The Prize may not be sold, transferred and is not convertible to cash. Contest Sponsors reserve the right to substitute the Prize in whole or in part in the event that all or any component of the Prize is unavailable. Prize winner is solely responsible for all costs not expressly described herein. By entering this Contest the entrants and participants automatically agree to accept and abide by these Rules. All decisions of the Contest Sponsors with respect to any aspect of this Contest, including without limitation the eligibility of entries, are final and binding on all entrants in all matters as they relate to this Contest.

DIY Halloween Decor: Light Up Jack Skellington

Halloween is just around the corner and we’re doing MORE than getting ready. Here’s another one of our favorite DIY just for Halloween! When you think of Halloween, you can’t forget Nightmare before Christmas; the perfect classic film for the Holidays. That’s why we’re showing YOU how to make your own DIY Light up Jack Skellington with 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Grab our Mood Light Deco ball.

Grab your own mood Light Deco Ball HERE. Our deco balls are affordable, battery replaceable, water-proof and have 7 different colors/color effects you can choose from. Normally, it’s used to light up a walkway/garden, place in a centerpiece or a cool decor in your swimming pool for a chilled out party but we’re putting a twist on it just for Halloween! Want something bigger? Go big or go home: We have a 10-inch Floating Light Orb you could use for a bigger decor!


Step 2. Draw your Jack.

Now, drawing could definitely be your forte or your weakness. Good thing our deco balls are pencil AND sharpie friendly, just make sure to let it dry. You can easily find an outline of Jack Skellington by looking him up on or by following these simple instructions from Easy drawing tutorials HERE. Of course, you’re free to draw anything you want; pumpkin, skull, ghost, etc… Remember to outline first with pencil and then fill-in with sharpie and ta-da! Easy peasy.

Step 3. Light it up!

Gather your family and friends and Light up your personalized Jack Skellington Light up Deco ball! It’s guaranteed to stop many trick-or-treat-ing kids to your door and just makes a cool decor for your Halloween party. Just take a look at the one we made within less than 10 minutes! Show us your Halloween spirit! Tag #FBLparty to be featured. Wishing you a spooky Halloween! Oh, and if you haven’t, check out our DIY for a light up PUMPKIN. ELLY OUT.


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DIY Light Up Pumpkin for Halloween Decoration

Everyone’s thinking about the Summer coming to an end.. but Halloween is the only thing on OUR mind! (I guess Octoberfest also…)

FBL is getting ready for one of our FAVORITE Holidays of the year by celebrating the classic tradition: Pumpkin Carving! But with a twist… LIGHTS! How’d you know? Let’s get started.

Step one is to find the perfect pumpkin for you obviously. We wanted to keep our pumpkins for a long time so we bought the craftable plastic pumpkin at the good ol’ Michaels.

Just look at that clean pumpkin; perfect size for the porch, outdoor, table decor and so much more! A quick tip here: Get into the Halloween mood with some Purple LED String lights, our Ghost centerpiece and a few of our LED Candles.

Back to Pumpkin Carving! Just search up any design you’d like online, or get creative and make your own! Just remember to create a big enough hole ( or leave room on the top or bottom ) to fit your light inside.

Now here is where the magic starts! We do have lights you could add into your pumpkin that’s smaller but why not go BIG. Our 2.75″ Deluxe Submersible is the perfect light to add to your pumpkin; just look at the color change! It also comes with a REMOTE so you could adjust your light speed to FAST for that party effect or SLOW for the eerie Halloween night effect. If you’re looking for a solid color, our smaller submersibles are a great replacement!

You only need 1 for your pumpkin! Don’t worry, your pumpkin will shine long and bright with one so share your lights with a pumpkin in need. And that’s it folks! You’re guaranteed to win that 1st place for your next pumpkin carving contest. Happy Halloween!

P.S. Check out our DIY Pumpkin carving video HERE. Happy Crafting! Elly out!