Affordable Fun Light Up Gifts for Christmas and Beyond

Greetings, Gifters!  Kind people of the world UNITE.  So glad you found us.  Giving is always in season, and at Flashing Blinky Lights, we have the coolest selection of affordable Light Up Gifts that can bring a smile to any face.  You've seen such lights at kiosks before, in amusement parks, malls, fairs and fests, but did you know you can get better quality Light Up Gifts shipped straight to your door, and for a much lower price than those kiosks?  You bet!  That's where we come in...

I'm a bargain hunter, and like you, I want Light Up Gifts that LAST...changeable batteries, sturdy quality, the whole shabang.  Some call it cheap Christmas gifts while scouring the internet, but I prefer the term inexpensive, because these are lasting, truly unique treats and treasures.  Plus the price is RIGHT, y'all.  And when you give lights, a little goes a long way, both in the joy they create for the receiver, and the money saving possibilities for you, dear reader.  So JOIN US on this journey through time, space and Light Up Gifts!  Allow me to show you some of our greatest hits...

USB Powered Lights to Soothe & Inspire

These small-yet-mighty Light Up Decorations are so cool for home and office.  Slow Color Change Fairy Lights look great wrapped around this succulent, Cinema Sign Light Boxes display daily mantras and words to get you pumped up, plus a cheerful Rainbow Desk Light is just lovely to look at in between work tasks.

Check out our 7.25" tall Rocket Lamp.  It's like a new spin on the old lava classic, this time cool to the touch and its flowing glitter is like eye candy.  Incredible light reflections are cast in a darkened room - just set it near any surface so the glitter lights have something to "bounce" off of.  My little Rocket Space Light runs every day from 9 to 5, I'm convinced I work better when it's running, and I've been using it for years - now that's quality!

Though USB Rocket Lamp Desk Light is not a toy, we have lower cost Shake-and-Shine battery-powered Glitter Lamps that are great for kiddos as a sensory toy and stocking stuffer.  I even have a mommy-friend who uses it for "Time Outs"...shake it up at the start, then when its lights automatically shut off,  her 5 year old has calmed down and fulfilled his commitment - it's a win/win for parent and kiddo.


Light Up Toys are a blast for every age.  Even the big kids!  Light  Sabers,  SwordsWands and Spinners, you are never too old to light up play time and get reacquainted with your imagination.  Your inner child is in there somewhere - let it out to play!  I always have a year 'round stash of Value Light Sabers in my garage, for when the little ones come to visit Aunt Nikki...Light Up Gifts on deck!  That's how I roll!  And you can too - this here's one of the kings of Christmas gift ideas, total crowd pleaser. 


We're talkin' radiant Decor.  A department ripe with Christmas gift ideas and a fine selection when on the hunt for a unique birthday present.  Light Up Flowers are a delight.  And our color-change Floating Lights are the best for all sorts of decor.  Also known as "Deco Balls", these cool glowing light spheres come in a variety of sizes and just really soothe the soul, whatever the occasion.  Don't they look nice placed along this path?  So inviting.  The small Deco Balls come with cell batteries loaded, ready to use fresh out of the package.  Plant them, float them, place them, gift them!

The XL 10" Deluxe Light Orb that recharges is my favorite - been using mine for 10 years.  10 years!  It has a bar underneath that swings out, if you want to hang it trees, in any room, just beautiful mobile lighting where ever you want.  Comes with a remote control so you can choose any color...there's like 16 to choose from!  Plus various speeds of color change.  I think you can see why I love this product...Also in centerpiece news, I can't tell you how many times our Fiber Optic Centerpieces have soothed me during the stay-at-home era (too many to count!), the batteries last long (many many nights of chillin'), and the swishy movement of these glowing fibers are the dreamiest:

From various angles, magical Fiber Optic lights resemble cities on a distant horizon,  or SPACE in the palm of your hand!  Epic.  Place it on a table top and dream away:


Let's get decadent.  Light Up Cups in various fun shapes are pretty classy for a nice price.  Don't you just love how this customer turned her color-change Martini Glasses into dessert cups?  Brilliant!

How about Light Up Ice Cubes?  Turn any glass into a party.  Our box of 12 makes a cool gift for aspiring mixologists, and bakers have been known to place them atop cupcakes and add them to kitchen creations, thanks to safety compliant food-grade material.  So many color choices - just click the button to reveal more and leave it on your favorite!  Slow color change will always be my favorite.


Light Up Hats, Whimsical Headbands, Sparkling Light Up Jewelry and Blinky Hawaiian Leis to convince you you're on vacation anytime/anywhere.  It is all really fun and fabulous.  Lighting's not just for homes, ya know!  Nowadays, many prefer to BE the party, like an actual walking/talking party - that is what happens when one wears our lights.  So if you're gifting a Party Person, you have come to the right place!

Bonus Feature:  Light Up Leis look festive during the day, then shine a pleasant surprise at night.  Double the fun!   Plus their changeable batteries means you can re-use them - looove that.


All of the above makes for unique Gifts for Christmas obvs, but did you know we have holiday specific themed lights as well?  Yuuup, with new products revealed every Holiday – it's what keeps our regulars coming back.  We've got a sweet selection for each:  4th of July, Halloween, Mardi Gras, St. Pat's – you name it, we have GOT IT.  Holiday Fun is the name of our game.

Aaaawww, those smiling faces are everything.  Well there you have it, folks!  Affordable Fun Light Up Gifts:  the cream of the crop.  Let's rise to the top.  Y'all stay safe out there please, and don't forget to plan for fun at home.  You'd be surprised at what a little "Light-Ups" can do for the heart & soul and family togetherness.  

May your days and nights be merry and bright!


FBL Nikki