Floating Lights for Pool Parties, Meditation and More

UNWIND  & SHINE:  Whether entertaining guests at an extravagant event, relaxing with buds in the backyard, or restoring peace on your own, FBL’s Floating Lights for Pool Party Season go way beyond pool parties.  I discovered I can use my decorative Floating Lights for Pool within a centerpiece, atop my bird bath, scattered throughout the yard for a mystic tiki look at night….there’s a lot of options for the creative-minded!  These bathing beauties remind me of miniature planets floating in a liquid solar system.

In my little world, which is my home/my sanctuary, I say why wait ‘til you have company over to show off your Floating Lights, ya know?  I decorate with LEDs for ME.  Sincerely, I love it.  It has become a nightly ritual that my husband thanks me for.  DIY Mood Lighting is simple to do and helps me slow my roll after a long day – never fails to help our household ease into a lovely evening.

CHILL OPTIONS:  In addition to 7 individual-color steady settings, Floating Lights for Pool Decor have 2 different speeds of color-change, which are my favorite and will give you the longest battery life.  The slowest of the two color-change options is incredibly calming and pleasantly hypnotizing, while the slightly quicker color-change function has a pulse movement to it.  Perhaps you can spot the difference in my candid video here…I added our big mama 10″ Rechargeable Deluxe Floating Light for a size comparison…more about that in a bit:


CRAFTY IDEAS:  Battery-powered 3″ Floating Lights for Pool, also known as Deco Balls, have a lot more uses than just pool decor.  Our customers have used them as garden lights, placing them along walkways, fitting them within the branches of  bushes to create a Wonderland look, and Deco Balls make a great canvas for those who doodle with markers and paint.  Consider making monster eyeballs, or spooky faces for Halloween!



CUSTOMER LOVE:  Look how our crafty clients put Floating Lights for Pool to use in creative ways.  One lined the walkway up to their house party.  How inviting!  One simply tossed our Floating Lights into a glass container with clear gems, no liquid necessary.  Groovy!  And another appreciated customer created their company logo in the snow during a team event.  Way cool!


More REASONS to love Floating Lights for pool hangs and beyond:

1)  No flash.  LED Light Orbs’ individual color options is important to event planners, as is its two different speeds of slow color change, the quicker one resembling a pulse.  When I zone out on the slow change, I clear my head, I daydream, and restore balance to my mind.  Way back when party lights first became popular, I don’t think a meditation tool is quite what they had in mind, but it works for me, and these lights have come such a long way.  LEDs are found in much more beautiful products nowadays, and we are proud to be a part of that.

2) Changeable batteries.  Before use, grab a coin like a quarter and double check the battery compartments are screwed in TIGHT under each ball.  This is a must if you want to use your Floating Lights for many nights.  I do, so I know it’s possible!  We encourage re-use, and think it’s just awesome that most of our products have safe changeable batteries.  Dry off your Floating Light Orbs when your event is done, OK?  Be good to your LED products and they will be good to you.

3)  Various sizes.  Small and large.  Our 3″ Floating Lights are the value option, whereas our 10″ Floating Light is Deluxe in every way, well worth the price I have found, for I have used mine nightly for many years…over a decade!  Pictured Jumbo Deco Ball is rechargeable, comes with a remote control to easily change the color of multiple pieces all at one time, plus there’s a swing-out bar underneath that allows you to hang it up – party planners, take note!

‘Til next time, fellow lovers of LIGHT…

Take care.  Stay aware.  And always share…your lights, that is.


– Flashing Blinky Nikki