Light Up Festival Fashion

Set Descending Direction
  1. Female model wearing Purple LED Starlight Cat Ear Headband
    Starlight Kitty Ears, LED Purple Cat Ear Headbands

    ITEM NO: 12282-PR

    As low as $2.79
  2. Model wearing Blue Light Up Cat Ear LED Headband
    Blue LED "Starlight Kitty" Ears Cat Headband

    ITEM NO: 12282-BL

    As low as $2.79
  3. Hand model displaying Light Up Multicolor LED Deluxe Gem Ring
    LED Multicolor Deluxe Gem Rings

    ITEM NO: 11307-MLT

    As low as $1.39
  4. LED Light Up Dollar Sign Beaded Necklace
    Light Up Dollar Sign Bling on Beads

    ITEM NO: 12145

    As low as $2.64
Set Descending Direction

Light up the night at festivals with FBL's wide assortment of LED Products.Heading to Tennessee for Bonnaroo? Don't forget to pack light up wands to wave as the music plays into the wee hours of the morning. Setting a course for Coachella? Pick up some glow in the dark accessories to light up your desert adventure. No matter what festival you favor this summer flashing LED stuff will make it more fun. Add LEDs to your costumes & creative clothing, buy wholesale Bike Lights to cover your ride, and pick up trippy fun Flashing Toys perfect for celebrating and sharing!