Light Up Wands

Set Descending Direction
  1. Light Up Butterfly Wand
    Light Up Pretty Butterfly Wand

    ITEM NO: 12177

    As low as $3.19
  2. Female displaying Light Up Multi-Color LED Microphone Toy
    LED Microphone Toy With Flashing Lights

    ITEM NO: 11831-MULTI

    As low as $1.89
  3. Spinning LED Light Up Star Wand
    Magic Spinning Stars Light Wand

    ITEM NO: 11266

    As low as $4.34
  4. LED Daisy Flower Light Up Wand
    LED Daisy Flower Light Up Wand

    ITEM NO: 12010

    As low as $2.74
  5. Light Up Magic Spinning American Flag
    Light Up Magic Spinning American Flags

    ITEM NO: 11011

    As low as $4.09
Set Descending Direction

Flashing Blinky Lights knows every growing child dreams of being something enchanting, be it a fairy princess or magic wizard. Make their dreams come true with flashing LED Light Up Wands! At low prices & great quality, sparkling Light Wands are a hit at birthday parties, in the classroom, in the playroom, you name it! Light Up Wands are also fun for adults to help light up their costumes. Make your party a hit with Flashing Blinky Light's Light Wands, and check back often for more unique styles.