Aurora Light Effects

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  1. 8" LED Light Up Color Changing Cube
    8" Deco Light Cube, Color Change LEDs + Battery Operated

    ITEM NO: 12179

    As low as $37.99
  2. Slow Color Changing Soft LED Ghost Necklace
    Soft Ghost Necklace with Slow Color Change Lights

    ITEM NO: 11725

    As low as $2.24
  3. LED Soft Skeleton Skull Bead Necklace
    Color Change LED Skeleton Skull Necklace

    ITEM NO: 11499

    As low as $2.29
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Named for the Aurora Borealis, FBL's Aurora Light Effects products feature a slow color change LED with a white cap to dim the light for a more subtle, dreamy light show. This is one of our favorite features so check back often as we are always adding more products!

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