LED Fashion & Costume

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  1. Female displaying Light Up Pink Glam LED Faux Fur Boa
    Pink Glam Light Up Faux Fur Boa

    ITEM NO: 12330-PK

    As low as $11.49
  2. Female model wearing Purple LED Starlight Cat Ear Headband
    Starlight Kitty Ears, LED Purple Cat Ear Headbands

    ITEM NO: 12282-PR

    As low as $2.79
Set Descending Direction
LED Fashion & Costume Accessories are the wave of the future, and FBL's got it all. Browse stylish Light Up Wearables like Fedoras, Suspenders, Bow Ties & Cool Shades Eye Glasses. Then there's the other end of the spectrum where you'll find funky fun Light Up Wigs, Furry Leg Warmers, Sparkling Fairy Wings, Light Up Fingertip Gloves & so much more. FBL's Fashion and Costume Suppliers are gonna rock your outfit, whether a regular night out on the town or a big event. Check back often, for we're always adding new exciting styles...