RETRO THEME PARTY IDEAS To Shine Like the Star You Are

Time Travel with Lights, Back to the 80s, 70s and 60s

If you need unique Theme Party Ideas that leave people in awe, look no further.  FBL has the grooviest Theme Party Ideas because…Wearable Lights!  And affordable – yes, it’s true.  Party planners buy in bulk here to save money.  Many of our LED Products have changeable batteries.  We encourage re-use and maximum fun on the dance floor.  So come along and ride on this fantastic voyage.

For decades, Disco was the reigning queen of Theme Party Ideas.  When you’re wearing lights that resemble Studio 54, you’re sure to have a grand time.  People are going to ask you where you got them, so be ready for attention!  And if you’re a kind social butterfly, definitely have some extras in your bag of tricks.  Tiny-but-mighty LEDs are fun to share!

Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

Yes yes y’all, Roller Boogie is back and inspires more funktastic Theme Party Ideas.  It’s fun for all ages, our lights match the retro blinks of the rink, and when you’re cruising around to sweet tunes, these lights absolutely elevate the good times.

Next up:  what’s a Theme Party Roundup without the 1980s?  Back when neon was everywhere, boom boxes ruled the earth, and music videos were a fine art.  To feel like the star of your own music video, you’re gonna need those wearable lights, friend!

Let’s check out the hits:


* Sound Activated LED Eyeglasses are just, like, SO totally awesome!  Their matching Light Bracelets are pretty rad as well.  These sound products were created for drum-n-bass/electronica type shows, yet they put on a fun flickering display for all kinds of jams!


* FBL’s Retro Heart Necklace with Chasing Lights makes me want to start up a sticker book again.  A customer once told me this was the perfect hand-out @ the Playa, where my artsy friends trade small treats.  This one’s easy to pack – take note, travelers!  Many of our “Body Lights” like this are pins, to attach to your shirt or jacket, yet this vibrant heart is a bit different, with a flat back plus hangs on a string necklace.  Be still my heart!


* These joyful Rainbow Star Beads and Colorful Tube Bracelets remind me of a popular cartoon character, which pleases my inner child.  The assortment of bracelets is fun to hand out on a dance floor – such a crowd pleaser.  There’s no clasp, and their curl makes them easy-on/easy-off – wrap around anything!  Ankles, high ponytails, you name it.


* And Blinky Rainbow Stars Headband is just perfect, for all kinds of parties actually.  I love how petite they are, while also comfortably fitting most head sizes – the headband sides are nice and flexible.  Its blink is just right too – eye catching, while not obnoxious.  Colorful and cute cute cute!



More LED Disco Darlings:

* Iridescent Light Up Tinsel,  which can be draped like a boa, or use as a craft light!  You can drape this lightweight sparkly string of bling just about anywhere:  on a mantel, along a display table, secure a few around a doorway, tie one around a top hat…if you can dream it, you can be it.  No flash here – just chill steady lighting which reflects off lil’ space flecks of iridescent tinsel, ooo lala.


* Disco Bulbs String Light Necklace is full of metallic-shine orbs covered in holes which let the light escape all over your shirt.  Fabulous!  You’ve always wanted to be in the spotlight – now is your chance.  A whooole bunch of tiny spotlights all over your sequin outfit – can you just imagine?!  This funky necklace is also available in Christmas colors, and Patriotic Red White & Blue.


* Light Projecting Disco Inferno Necklace also makes prismatic light dance upon your outfit, and down to the floor!  This here’s a chunky necklace charm, so it sells well for Mardi Gras and Halloween as well.

You want more bling?  Check it:

* Plus Disco Ball Earrings which also project light prisms.  Yeeowza!  The slow pulse of these Statement Earrings looks dreamy:

And in closing, we mustn’t forget the ’60s:



* Blinky Daisy Chain Headbands are tie-on, and has one perfect blinky function which alternates from slow, to blink, so on and so on.  For DIY costumers, you could tie multiple pieces together to make a belt or sash-like fashion item.  The core of this daisy chain is flexible and nicely bendy.



* Color Change LED Peace Sign Necklace is another from our classic line of “Body Lights.”  They’re petite, easy to pack, perfect to share, and its lights are eye-catching in the most delightful way.



* Colorful Peace Beads, No-Light Value Necklaces.  When the budget is tight, Mardi-Gras style Beads can save the day.  There’s a color to please each party person in this particular assortment, they’re lightweight and compact, plus the message is clear and a day brightener.



Peace, love and lights, y’all!

‘Til next time…

– Flashing Blinky Nikki, xo