5 Fun Ways to Entertain Kids at Home


When it comes to finding entertainment for kids staying at home, we need a well of sources.  Constant interest changes, constant energy changes, constant love. If only there was somewhere to go for fun items that won’t break the bank and bring constant enjoyment.  Enter Flashing Blinky Lights! Here’s 5 Fun Ways to Entertain Kids at Home for weeks on end, FBL style.

5. LEDs Are My Jam

Brighten up the day amidst music and LED lights with our Little Light Up Tambourines.  These lil’ gems are 5” of instant color party fun!  They feature 3 light functions to cycle through flash, blink, and a slower combination of the 2.  Just one of these musical light-up toys will have you and your child grooving for hours. When the parade or dance party in your living room has come to an end, build a fort and light it up with any of these magical light products!

4. Blinky-Saurus Dino Disco

”Big Rawr” Blinky Walking Dinosaur Toy is one of my favorites.  He’s 12” long of pure ROARing light up genius.  Kids go crazy for the motion and sound. (Don’t want sound?  Got you covered in a Light Wand.)  This electronic Light Dino has fully functioning legs that propel him on his hunt to discover what awaits in the deepest of jungles we call the living room.  His eyes and moving mouth blink red, but don’t be afraid, his back fin is a multi-color light show that screams, “I might be business in the front, but in the back, I’m all party!”  Great for young archeologists and dinosaur fanatics.


3. I Sword What You Did There

As much as kids love a Light Up Toy with Sound, personally, I love a Light Up Toy with no sound.  Which is why Neon Glow Expanding Light Sword is a perfect way to play away the hours!  Its mesmerizing quality illuminates your quest to victory one colorful, expandable shell at a time.  Whether using the flash, blink or steady light function, your little neon knight will play hard and smite baddies left and right all day long!  They also make magical night lights when it’s storybook time. The littles love to help light up the pages.


2. Unicorn Glow Party

This may sound unicorny, but everyone loves a Unicorn, so combine one with projectable lights and party people are in heaven!  FBL’s Light Stick Unicorn Party Wand brings enchantment and fun to every moment.  Features a sparkly light stick, a multi-faceted Unicorn head, and a sphere that illuminates pink, blue and white anywhere you point it!  A look that my niece calls “sooo princess pretty!” Indeed, Princess Pretty, the power of color and joy is in your hands with just a push of the button.  Let the Unicorn Glow Party commence!



1. Far Out in Lighter Space

Protectors of the galaxy prepare to shine light into the darkness of outer space with Space Gun Cool Light Toys!  Perfect for all ages plus NO sound effects, this Light Blaster puts on quite a kaleidoscopic show.  PEW! PEW! This novelty Space Gun projects multiple LED colors onto any surface through a clear, faceted, rotating dome.  Out-of-this-world, no? It’s small but mighty and is excellent for indoor adventures! Also available in Mermaid.

Make sure to stock up on batteries and these 5 Light Up Toys will keep going as long as your little one does, maybe even longer (I’m a big advocate of nap time).  We also love to see what amazing LED experiences your family creates! Tag your FBL pics on Instagram and Facebook with @flashingblinkylights and #fblparty to share with us.



Projecting Light with my Tulip Wand,

Flashing Blinky Diane