LED Foam Sticks Light Up Events & Encourage Crowd Participation


Y’all ready for this?!  Pump up the jams with LED Foam Sticks.  They literally light up events, while metaphorically lighting up guests’ spirits and good moods.  LED Foam Sticks, also known as Cheer Sticks, encourage crowd participation like nothing else, because they look fun and inviting, they’re easy to use and distribute, they’re lightweight, and display vibrant light trails in the air as you wave your Light Stick back and forth.  Party people love having something to wave in the air as they move to the beat and cheer on…well, whatever they wish!  Sports teams, Las Vegas night clubs, wedding receptions, festival functions, eclectic events, and any ol’ dance party you can imagine.



These fun affordable LED Foam Sticks come in a variety of colors, yet Multicolor is my favorite, for it’s going to give you the most mesmerizing light trails.  Its rainbow-like light design in the air photographs in cool ways, for instance leaving open the exposure on your camera, while moving your light to and fro…photographers and creative types, try it out if you have not discovered that coolness already.




Even in home – when I hand out LED Foam Sticks during a DIY dance party, it starts a boogie wonderland of epic proportions.  We get exercise, we laugh a lot, and the kids imagine they’re space crusaders with a mini saber in hand – really accentuates their dance moves.  So, you see, it’s a win/win situation for both adults and kiddos (age 5 and up please).  So yeah, Dance Lights are “a thing!”  Wear ‘em and wave ‘em – that’s what I always say.



LED Foam Sticks come in a few Deluxe styles, like Remote Controlled Color Change, Sound Activated Lighting that moves to the beat, and Motion Activated which illuminates only when waved.  It’s like magic!  And 100%, bonafide certified fun for all.

Thank you for joining me on this magical journey.  ‘Til next time…





This is Flashing Blinky Nikki signing off.  Party on and party safe!

Photo Credit Jen Stockert

Photographer Jen Stockert captured the magic of our LED Foam Sticks on the dance floor at Club Cosplay.