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  1. Light Up Hawaiian Flower Lei
    Light Up Halloween Flower Leis

    ITEM NO: 12085-ORBK

    As low as $1.89
  2. LED Soft Skeleton Skull Bead Necklace
    Color Change LED Skeleton Skull Necklace

    ITEM NO: 11499

    As low as $2.29
  3. Light Up Color Changing Cat Ears LED Headband
    Color Change LED Cat Ears Headband

    ITEM NO: 12091-MLT

    As low as $2.09
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Keep kids safe & visible at night with FBL Halloween Light Ups! They'll have so much fun getting Halloween Light Ups as trick-or-treat handouts, that they won't even notice your ulterior motives. LED party favors have become totally affordable for trick-or-treating. Add some Light Ups to your Halloween costume too - bet you'll win first place in the costume contest. From spinning light wands, to sparkling play jewelry, LED shades & more, FBL Lights Ups will make your Halloween party unforgettable.