Christmas Hairstyles

4 Fun and Festive Christmas Hairstyles to try this Holiday Season

Christmas is almost here and while most of us are concerned with finding the perfect gift for loved ones, some of us are thinking of more fun and creative ways to get into the holiday spirit without breaking the bank. 

If you’re part of the latter, we have you covered! Not only are Flashing Blinky Lights products affordable, they can help you transform a basic Christmas hairstyle into a more fun and festive look with minimal effort. 

Nothing screams Christmas more than lights. So why not light up your holiday party with these must try Christmas hairstyles that are sure to get you in the holiday spirit. 

1. Light Up French Braids

These clips come in different colors and can be clipped on clothes also for that extra Christmasy feel


Add a fun twist to the classic french braid by using the Flashy Blinky Lights Blinking LED Clip On Pins.

With 13 colors to choose from, these handy pins can be easily placed and secured on the hair to create a festive Christmas hairstyle in just minutes. 

Products needed: 

  • 2 hair ties 
  • 10-20 clip on pins

Get the look: 

Step 1: Part hair in half

Step 2: Start a french braid from the crown of your hair to the bottom

Step 3: Insert clip on pins in any order you’d like 

Step 4: Allow the Christmas cheer to flow! 

2. Christmas Space Buns 

Twist the bulbs around hair for an instant Christmas look.


Who said space buns were just for playing Princess Leia? With so many different ways to rock the iconic look, you can easily add some Christmas charm using the Flashy Blinky Lights 0.5″ Mini Bulbs Christmas Lights Necklace.

Products needed: 

  • 4  hair ties 
  • 2-4 Light Bulb Necklaces   
  • Bobby pins

Get the look: 

Before you start, you should decide how you want to style the buns. Do you want a half up, half down style? Full space buns? Braided space buns? Whatever your choice, these basic steps will help you achieve that festive Christmas hairstyle.

Step1: Part your hair down the middle

Step 2: Put your hair in two pigtails

Step 3: Tease the pigtails with a comb for added volume

Step 4: Create your space buns by gathering already teased hair in either messy bun form or creating a circle around your hair tie and secure with second hair tie

Step 5: Insert necklace by wrapping around the buns in any order (you may need to secure necklace with bobby pins)

Step 6: Light up your necklace and watch as your space buns instantly add the holiday spirit to your look.. 

For those of us that like a simpler, not so risky look, Flashy Blinky Lights also has some Christmas looks for you! 

These last two Christmas hairstyles are for those who prefer a more classic Christmas hairstyle but still want that little umph that helps spread joy this holiday season. 

3. Snowflake Santa Hat and Pigtails

Lights flicker for a nice, twinkle when this hat is worn.  

We’ve all heard “the best way to spread holiday cheer, to sing aloud for all to hear.”

While that may be true, this fun and festive Blinky Snowflake Santa Hat is right on up there! Afterall, nothing screams Christmas more than good ol St. Nick.

Products Needed: 

  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Spray 
  • Curling Iron (optional)
  • 2 Hair ties
  • Snowflake Santa Hat 

Get the Look: 

Step 1: With your curling iron, curl your hair to add some volume 

Step 2: Part your hair down the middle or in a zig zag form 

Step 3: Collect hair on one side and tie your hair in a ponytail from below your ear (follow the same step for the opposite side)

Step 4: Curl the end of your hair if you lost any curls 

Step 5: Lightly use hairspray to lock the curls in 

Sep 6: Place Santa hat on head

Step 7: Light up the snowflakes and let the Christmas cheer spread!

4. Flower Crown and Curls 

This light up crown comes in different colors and is perfect for any occasion.



Last but definitely not least, we have the classic Christmas look filled with curls and a Red Flower Crown to help light up the night. 

Not only is the Rich Red Light Up Flower Crown perfect for Christmas hairstyles, the crown comes in seven different colors that can be used throughout the year for other holidays and special occasions. 

Products needed: 

  • Curling Iron
  • Hair Spray 
  • Red LED Flower Crown Headband

Get the look: 

Step 1: Curl your hair in your favorite style 

Step 2: Lightly apply hairspray to lock curl in place

Step 3: Put on the flower crown

Step 4: Light up the Christmas party with your classic hairstyle!

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