Our Top 5 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Favorites!

Cinco de Mayo, when it’s time to fiesta like there’s no mañana!  Don’t settle for just a plain ol’ dinner gathering, make it a fiesta to remember with these helpful tips from FBL.

It’s a tedious endeavor picking out the essentials for your party, and it could get overwhelming choosing from a massive selection, that’s why we are here to help.  We gathered the data and counted the votes so you can sit back, relax and shop with ease.  Take a look at the TOP 5 fiesta favorites that will take your Cinco de Mayo party go from bueno to excelente!

Number 5:  thee infamous Light Up Tambourine!  Feeling spicy and need a way to show it?  Are your dance moves being hidden in the dark?  Then get some blinky Tambourines in hand and shine a light on those dance moves.  There are multiple styles to choose from so check those out…

Number 4:  For those who don’t have the hottest moves, our Light Up Maracas could save the day and make the perfect dance partner.  These babies change color with each push of the button.  They can and will steal the spotlight on any dance floor, so just imagine what Light up Maracas can do for you.  Light it up and shake away!

Number 3:  Red LED Flower Crown is just right to stay muy bonita all night.  Every party has those guests who would rather sit and look pretty instead of dancing, so have a stack of Light Up Floral Crowns on hand so all can look stylish while chilling on the sidelines.  Who says lights are just for fun and games?  Lights are now a part of Fashion too!  Complete your perfect party outfit with some beautiful headwear.

Almost there…  Number 2!  Cinco de Mayo Beads for one and all!  “Mardi Gras” Beads with no lights are affordable, fun to share, and they’re the second HOTTEST party favor for Cinco de Mayo.  When on a budget, you can still decorate and get festive with these colorful necklace treats.

Last but not least…  Numero Uno:  Light up Margarita Glass!  Because your señiorita needs a Light Up Margarita, plain and simple. It’s just not  Cinco de Mayo without margs.  Plus, you can light up your drink for double the fun – also great for virgin cocktails, or “mocktails” some call ’em…clever.  It’s been proven by some of the world’s top party-goers that light up drinks taste better than non-light up drinks.  True story, amigos.

That’s our Top 5 Cinco de Mayo party favors!  If nothing here fits your party plan, no worries:  we have over 100+ more party favors to choose from – get in there.  We hope you have a GREAT holiday, and thanks for letting us be a part of it.


Team Flashing Blinky OUT