3 Christmas Products You Can Use Year Round

Christmas is next week, and in case you haven’t noticed, we’re crazy about lights and decor.

We just love seeing all the fun and festive holiday light creations!  If you like Christmas as much as we do, we have some pretty awesome LED products you can use year round to keep the holiday spirit flowing. 

After all, Christmas lights don’t have to just be a seasonal thing.  We’re pretty sure Santa uses a few of our favorite products in the North Pole throughout the year.

1. Battery-Powered LED String Lights

Add a touch of magic to any living space with easy to use Fairy Lights.


Battery-operated String Lights are a fun and easy way to get creative and keep the holiday magic alive year round. 

Put them around the base of your TV, around a picture frame like I did, inside a glass structure of any kind, hang pictures from them, you name it!  The possibilities are simply endless with these lights. 

Not only do these lights come in so many different colors, they have a battery pack that’s simple to use and easy to hide, unlike old traditional string lights which require a wall outlet. 

Check out our Pinterest for more fun ways you can display your LED String Lights! 

2. Fiber Optic Centerpieces

This Gems & Jewels Fiber Optic Centerpiece fits beautifully in any room!

Another easy way to keep the holiday spirit alive in your home and office is to place a Fiber Optic Centerpiece just about anywhere. 

Fiber Optic Lights are awesome for so many reasons!  For one, the lights are so pretty to look at, they definitely get a certain vibe going in your home.  And two, like the string lights, they don’t have to be plugged in! Reason three, run your fingers through those wiggly light strands for more soothing good times.

Did you know light therapy is a thing now?  Crazy, right, but we get it – lights have the ability to calm and add focus to one’s life, not just for parties anymore.

3. Light Projector

Have a dance party anytime of the year with a light projecting wand!

This Light Projecting Flower Wand definitely turns things up a notch, so worth having around the house!  Kids (and adults alike) love when we bring this little beauty out during a family game night or birthday party.

This hand held light projector displays a beautiful and mesmerizing light patten that lights up the entire room.  We love to prop one up in a corner of our home and let the lights cascade across walls, a flurry of color, as if the holiday season never left.  Now my nieces love coming over to have dance parties!

What are some of your Flashing Blinky Lights products to keep out year round? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram.

Until next time party people,

Flashing Blinky Cyn