Pins, Body lights, Blinkies and More!

You’ve seen it, you’ve definitely worn it on your ears back in the days and have begged your parents to buy it on the streets of carnivals. Now fast forward to now, FBL has brought on many new blinkies and have also kept our traditional earring blinkies for the #Throwback lovers. After all, we started FBL with these products so how could we not keep them?

Elly is here to show you how you can rock the new (and the old) blinkies and a few cool, easy diy tricks on the many ways our FBL blinkies are used for!

Assorted Color LED Clip On Pin

The Blinkies that started it all!

Taking it way back to the start! Did you know Flashing Blinky Lights started with these tiny blinkies? The founders of FBL, were at a trade show when they realized all the booths were dead minus the flashing clip ons! Needless to say, they cleared that booth and once they saw customers lining up to get their lights, they knew they were onto something big.

Fast forward to now, FBL now has over 100+ light up blinkies and have expanded to not only blinkies but to light up party favors that have been lighting up your #party since the start. And we could not have done it without you guys! Thank you and we promise to provide you many more light up party ideas, party products and help you reach that #partygoal.

Since we’re done with the throwback story, here are a few tips on how you can use these small yet such eye catching pieces for your next party. The most common way to wear it is just like back in the days, on your ear as earrings! Easy to clip on, clip off and looks good any time of the year. Ladies and fellas, you can also clip it onto your hair! Tip for the ladies: They look the best in a bun! Lastly, you would be surprised how many fellas can rock our light up blinkies. Just clip on to your shirt or jacket to give that clean look that also screams “PARTY!”

Color Changing LED Light Up Aurora Clip On Pin

Use it for Holiday Home Decor!

The original blinking effect is loved by many people but a few people have expressed their wants for a ‘steadier’ light that could be easier on the eye… which is why we decided to bring in the Aurora changing color light department. Take a look at the GIF on the left ( It’s not a picture! ) Just look at the slow, steady and beautiful color change. The aurora department is filled with many different party favors that give off the same effect!

A customer below took the same exact clip on pins in the GIF and simply clipped it on to their blinds for a quick decor for their holiday party! So easy and simple yet so pretty! They look like colorful stars in the sky.. but in your room! You can clip them onto curtains also for a similar effect. Get your Aurora Slow color change clip on pins here and check out our other Aurora color change products here!

Take it for a run!

Our Lights are great for parties but it’s even better when it’s used for safety! One of the biggest concerns while running at night is getting hit by a car and there are many products that help. FBL wants to be a part of the help and have released many lights that are used for Outdoors for fun AND safety!

Pick the design and simply clip it onto your bag! The sturdy safety pin is guaranteed to hold up the pin during your run and most of the batteries are replaceable! Stay safe AND look good at the same time. The cute shapes of the pins look good even in the day time so no need to clip on and off.

And More!

We wish we could write down all the ways our pins are being used.. But our customers and friends always surprise us with more creative ways. Here are a few images below on how our pins are being used by our friends and customers. As you can see below they have been used for many different events! They make great graduation party favors, you can use it to light up your bags at the gym/school, light up your night runs, a few light up wine pins to light up the party at wine tasting and even for many DIY projects such as lighting up your flowers at home! The possibilities are endless and you should hop on the exploring and get creative! Happy crafting! Elly out.