10 Fun Ways to Flaunt Your St. Paddy’s Day Flare

You wake up and it hits you like a cold sweat:  St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and you’ve got to bring the party.  There’s work during the day and then you’ve been invited out for a night on the town.  Or maybe you’re down to host this year’s St. Patrick’s Day party at your place. You have got to be festive (and void off any unwanted pinches), but you haven’t found the right green outfit that screams “This is Me!”  So now what? Never fear! We’ve got your back. Here are 10 Fun Ways to Flaunt Your St. Paddy’s Day Flare, no green clothes necessary.

#10. Blinking with Clover Sass

Starting off in the #10 spot, it’s our St. Pat’s Day Blinkies.  These light up lapel pins come in several fun designs, low cost plus highly visible. The holiday favorite is the 4 Leaf Clover Pins for St. Pat’s Day.  These sparkling little light-up accessories are perfect to share, and oh-so easy to make any outfit pop!  You can pin them absolutely anywhere: to a headband, a handbag, handmade signs meant to catch eyes, and greeting cards!


#9 Shamrock and Roll

For quick and easy head-turning looks, we have light-up bracelets and necklaces, oh my!  Like our #8 pick, the Shamrock Bulbs String Light Necklace.  Big and bountiful light charms.  If you’re gunna go out for St. Patrick’s Day, might as well go BIG.  This charmer has 3 light functions: flash, blink and a chill pulsing pattern.  No one will be able to deny you’re filled with the Irish spirit when you wear these shamrock lights!


#8 Look Unbe-Leaf-able

You could sport a light necklace alone, making it the highlight of your St. Patrick’s Day ensemble, or stack on some more light jewelry in true party fashion.  Add this steady glow LED Acrylic Shamrock Necklace – classy.  I say the more the merrier.  Plus, if you run into your friend, miss I-didn’t-wear-any-green-because-I-forgot, you could help a sister out by sharing one of your amazing light-up necklaces.  And then, the party truly begins.


#7 All You Bead is Love


Speaking of classy, you could keep it simple with our classic light-tastic Green Glow LED Beads Light Up Necklace.  It’s 30” of bead-iful glow with 3 LED function settings: Flash, Blinky, and Steady.  It even has a breakaway clasp for safety. These can have you looking bead chic all year long.  Watch out 2020!


#6 Bling It Green

Now I mentioned bracelets, didn’t I?  Oh, you bet — I’m pairing these simple, easy-to-wear bands with the festive lighted necklaces because you can dazzle the office with them as you type during the day, and then wear them out in the city at night.  I’m talkin’ about FBL’s Cosmic Green LED Magnet Bracelets.  Wear them as-is, or dress them up with a personalized message!  To funk up your flare one step further, put 2 Magnet Light Up Bracelets together for a unique, shorty necklace!  Mic drop.

#5 Dazzle ‘Em With a Paddy Ring


If you haven’t picked up on it by now, I’m just going to come out and say, “I love lights!!”  With that said, we gracefully move onto our 5th way to Flaunt your St. Paddy’s Day Flare, FBL’s Jumbo Gem Lighted Ring.  This Green Gem Ring is a super-easy way to have some fun while out and about town!  With it’s 3 changeable functions, St. Paddy’s 2020 will have you feeling like party royalty, and bring your “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” game to a whole new level as you point to your lips with a finger dazzling in green.

#4 Be Fedorable

Oh, we aren’t done yet.  #4 on our list is where we start to go bolder with our fashion. It’s FBL’s Sequin Green Fedora Hat with Blinking LEDs!  What better way is there to express your love of the holiday than with this dapper hat?  Smooth, yet funky. It’s surprisingly stylish, looks great at any party, and when someone gives you a huge smile because of it, you can look dashing while tipping your hat as a thank you.  Be warned: light up attire on social nights attracts attention like nobody’s business. So be prepared to make friends. Fellow funky peeps letting their light shine too – you are a beacon to them.  😀

#3 Color Me Clover Over and Over

To complete your green carpet look, in place of the Fedora Hat, you could dawn your Irish locks with our #3 pick, the Light Up Green Clover Flower Crown.  Not only will you be the talk of the office and party, but you’ll have this certain St. Patrick’s Day glow about you.  Get it!? Ha. I’m telling you the party is always jumping when you’ve got your Flashing Blinky Lights. Don’t want to mess up the ‘do?  Wear it as a necklace or double it over for a rockin’ ankle bracelet (for safety, we only recommend for the wee of head or ankle).

#2 Be the Best of Suds

No St. Paddy’s Day Party is complete without a drink or two, and you can dress your drink up with flare as well with FBL’s Tall Glow Mug Beer Stein!  You’ll raise the bar with this one and it’s multicolor LEDs.  You can take it anywhere! Set it to a still green to make other Leprechauns jelly or set it on a cool slow transition from color to color.  Either way you dress it, this is one mug that is 20 oz. of pure fun!


#1 Keep Chill and Leprechaun

Which brings us to #1, and our final recommendation for ways to Flaunt Your St. Paddy’s Day Flare:  Light Up Ice Cubes! LED Inspiration Ice are easily portable and make any beverage a St. Patrick’s Day drink.  You can pair them with your Glow Mug to get extra lit — no food coloring needed.  Whether you’re at home, or at a bar, you’ll love that instant party vibe. If you’re thinking, but I can’t wear it as flare, um well, sure you can!  Add a touch of velcro to the back of one of these ice cubes and presto, dazzling shoulder lights!

So, raise the green!  Your St. Paddy’s Day look is going to be a stunner.  Make sure to give FBL a shout-out on social media with your amazing St. Pat’s Day looks!  #FBLParty …We can’t wait to see how creative you get!


Diane O’Lass🍀