Tacky Christmas Sweaters: Still All The Rage.

tacky_christmas_sweaters3Hey Party People!

Last we talked Tacky Christmas Sweaters, we explored how to improve an ordinary plain sweater with ever-enhancing LED Lights.  Easy as pie.  Since then, Tacky Christmas Sweaters have taken off like Santa’s sleigh.  There’s an insane amount of funny sweater designs out there!  So it’s no longer a challenge to find something unique, and ya don’t have to break the bank to win that “Ugly” Sweater Contest.

As FBL gears up for the annual company Christmas party, many of us are preparing our own Tacky Christmas Sweaters for a fierce competition.  We’re encouraging our team to GET WACKY with it, add lights & flare, there’s really no other way.  OH there will be prizes & pictures!  Stay tuned for that magic…

In the meantime, check out this ol’ thrift store trophy I spruced up with Battery Powered Wire String Lights & old tree decorations.  BEHOLD the power of a glue gun and doo-dads!  Winner winner chicken dinner!  Someone’s going to feel very accomplished upon receiving this trophy…


Get Ready for Tacky Christmas Sweater Party!

Here’s one of my faves from last year:  FBL customer service rep took craftiness to a whole new level when she connected a stuffed animal to her Christmas Sweater for constant companionship.  Cute idea!  I spy even more ingredients needed for extra sass:  flower trim, sparkly ribbons and our LED Lights for arts & crafts.  WELL done, girl, A+++.

Check this light up tinsel garland boa I wove together in under 5 minutes, thanks to our LED String Lights – same product used on the trophy.  I kept the battery house in my pocket, simple.  In addition to Party Lights, I am also a huge fan of cats with laserbeam eyes.

Here’s a bonus shot of a rockin’ FBL customer who sports more than Tacky Christmas Sweaters, and she gets creative with larger products; not just the micro lights.  This Christmas skirt’s got our slow color change Mini Gift Box Ornaments inside & around layers of tulle.  Nooooo way!  YES way.  Those Glowing Gift Ornaments come in a larger size too FYI.  Now if that’s not thinking outside the box, then I don’t know what is.  Pun intended.


UPDATE:  The Winners…

Here are some of the big winners of our DIY Ugly Sweater Contest!  Vivacious Vero and Awesome Andrew.  Congratulations, everyone!  It’s an honor to work with such a creative team.  Fun fact:  that is a Spinning Christmas Tree Wand atop Vero’s head.  😀

If you’re planning a holiday bash, don’t forget to stock up on all the fun Christmas Party Favors we’ve got goin’ on, in addition to your Tacky Sweater planning.  Whether you’re looking to accessorize  yourself or deck the halls, we carry all sorts of affordable LED gems sure to make the night extra memorable for your guests…


‘Til next time, amigos!  Happy holidays from all of us at FBL.  Y’all come back now, ya hear?