Show your Pride with FBL Rainbow Light ups!

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Happy Pride month! We’re half way into June but our pride is still just as strong as any other month! From dainty Light up Flag Pins to Jumbo Globe Rainbow Party necklace, we have all the rainbow light up accessories to truly light up your Pride.

Our Rainbow products collection features a multitude of colorful accessories including hats, necklaces, pins, bracelets and more. And with over thousands of party favors on our site, it can definitely be a struggle to pick out your favorite. So Elly is here to introduce to you, our Staff picks: Top 5 Favorite Rainbow products!

Retro Rainbow Heart Light Up Blinky Necklace

1. Retro Rainbow Heart Blinkies

Starting off with our Art department’s favorite: Retro Rainbow Heart blinkies on String necklace. You can definitely depend on the art department to pick the prettiest and the most popular rainbow product. This rainbow product is truly made out of ‘sugar, spice, and everything bright.’ (Go Girls!) The rainbow art and the glowing effect the light gives off makes the perfect dainty charm to wear. Can also be worn as a choker, necklace and bracelet thanks to the breakaway clasp and the soft black lanyard.

Mardi Gras Rainbow Feathers Fun Beads

Rainbow Feather Fun Beads .2

We have the answer to your question and it is a Yes! We DO sell non-light ups and Yes, they are still very popular. Introducing our Rainbow Feathers Mardi Gras Fun Beads! We originally brought in this necklace for Mardi Gras but it has gotten so much love at the Pride parade that it has officially claimed it’s spot in both Mardi Gras and Rainbow section. It was picked by our Production team because this product instantly made them smile when they got it. The fluffs and the colors, they said it is just so “celebratory” and we couldn’t agree more.

Model displaying rechargeable LED rave glasses

3. LED Rave Glasses ( Sound Reactive! )

Maybe it’s because you don’t need to replace the batteries… or maybe it just looks cool. You can’t tell that this is a Rainbow product when the sound is off. But when the music starts playing, the lights rise and bump to the sound, making colorful music beat effects on your shades. Our LED Rave glasses was chosen as a favorite by our webmaster! He loves the clean design and the fact that there is no battery pack attached. He said it’s a must at raves for the dudes.

P.s. It also comes with its’ own USB charging cable so no need to go through the hassle of finding a cord. Bonus!

Light Up Rainbow Flag LED Pin

Rainbow Flag Pins! .4

Just because we’re going by the books, it doesn’t always mean it’s not original! Our light up rainbow flag pins are the symbol of all our pride/rainbow products.

Not only is it the perfect piece to hand out and wear at the parade but it’s can also be THAT pin you wear on your denim jacket or on your backpack to show your support for the Pride community! We love fun but we also love to show our support!

Rainbow Lights Acrylic Heart LED Necklace

5. Rainbow Lights Shining Heart Acrylic Necklace

This acrylic necklace is New&Hot! AND already a favorite by our Social Media team! They say the picture does not do it justice at all. It’s romantic, cute and can be worn in any occasions whether it’s for Pride, festivals, Valentines day or even bachelorette parties. The clear acrylic is the main point to this piece as they like to say. “The way the light shines onto the acrylic and reflects… it’s such a cute necklace.” If hearts aren’t your thing, no worries! We have many other Acrylic type light up party favors for so many other occasions.

Runner ups!

Here are a few other favorites that didn’t make it into the top 5 but still a favorite of so many party people here at FBL. These products include (From the left) our Light Globes Rainbow party Necklace, LED Rainbow Flower crowns (stretch headband) and Sequin rainbow flashing fedora.

It’s almost half way into June and not too late to show your support for Pride month! We hope our favorites have helped you pick a favorite of your own. Until next time! XOXO Elly.