Up Your Glow Game for March Madness 2020

What better way to cheer on your favorite team during March Madness than by having a glow party?  You can out-flash the competition by shining your team’s colors and show your opponents you aren’t gonna sit calmly by the sidelines this year.  To get you started on your game day light gear, we’ve got the perfect picks to make your party a slam dunk!

Whether you are going out or staying in, waving FBL’s Light Up Pom Poms will have you rockin’ team spirit all season long.  Fun to use even when you’re due for a battery change!  Yes, you can change the batts. 😀 These festive, swishy light treats come in 5 killer colors and sport a light up handle that screams, “Go team GO!”  Make sure to get two so when your side hits that layup, you’re ready with two-handed pumping LED action. You can also personalize them with a logo! That means, for larger quantity orders, while the opaque strands of your Pom Poms swish in the air, there’ll be no doubt who you’re rooting for!

You can also lead the pack during your neon party with our Light Up Foam Cheer Sticks – check out all those color options.  With the simple push of a button, these fun single-color LED glow sticks dance through 3 functions: Flash, Blink and Steady.  They come in 10 poppin’ colors to root on your squad (Multicolor is my favorite, totally unique light functions, looks like a party), or grab two different colored light sticks to color coordinate with your jersey!  They’re a great way to bring extra pep to any game and will have everyone rallying together toward that championship.

Show your spirit, and spread the love of friendly competition, by rockin’ some Light Up Flashing Beer Glasses!  With that simple flip of a switch, you are an instant party.  The rolling flashing lights of the more traditional shaped Beer Mug will have you smiling all the way to the March Madness Final!  #Believe. Warning: Adorned in FBL Lights may have you feeling like Cinderella, total belle of the ball, and while the urge may be palpable, we do not recommend the classic cheer of two-handed fist pumping mugs full of beer, well unless your friends are ready for Spring showers.  That’s why Color Changing Light Tumblers rule – check out them apples.  Safe top + compliant reusable straw = dry jerseys and victory dances all around!

Glow on, party people.

Dribbling with my Light Up Cowboy Hat on,

Flashing Blinky Diane