Best Party Craft Yet: Add LED Lights to a Feather Boa!

Oh ma goooodness, get a load of this party craft.  ‘Tis the mother of all party crafts in my humble opinion, yet so easy that it’s barely worthy of a “tutorial”, let’s just tell it like it is here.  Oh yeah disco darlings, LED lights are the wave of the future and the groovy past in this week’s party craft.

Now who doesn’t enjoy a glam feather boa?  Nobody & ya know it.  Whether used as a prop for the feminine & flamboyant, or playfully draped over a manly man out on the dance floor, a feather boa is one sassy costume accessory & enjoyed by all.  I really put it to use in this week’s party craft – check it oooouuut:

handAb fab!  I clipped rainbow flash LEDs within the feathers; didn’t want to hassle with wires.  To keep my party craft sturdy & strong whilst I boogie, I sometimes reinforce the clip blinkies with simple needle & thread, allowing me to re-use these LED lights on a future party craft – just snip ’em out after tearing up that dance floor.

11950_BL_orb_string_lights_compv1_600Naturally my party craft will dim after a few nights of fun.  But good news, everyone:  I can change the batteries in each light clip. Steady Candy Lites dim after a night of use, whereas flash LEDs go for DAYS – keep that in mind before you buy. Another swell option is copper wire LED String Lights – great for this craft, just conceal the wire in feathers (wrap it tightly in center) and hide the battery house (pants pocket perfect fit).  String Lights Bonus: has AA batteries.  Gonna keep you well lit without a doubt.

I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again:  you can add little LED lights to anything & everything!  Anywhere & everywhere!  It is just.  Too.  Easy.

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~ Flashing Blinky Nikki