Make Your Own LED Clothing! Yes You Can!

NEWS FLASH, light loves:  LED clothing does not have to be expensive.  It can be done on a budget – I’m living proof.  LED Lights themselves are actually a total value, so what causes such high price tags on professionally-made LED clothing?  It’s the time, care and effort put into sewing around delicate wires and programming light shows, like in this video we’re such a fan of.  Credit goes to thee artist known as Little Boots!  This dress is inspiring me in more ways than one…

Amazing, right?!  Hearts just shot out of my eyeballs, for that is LED clothing at its finest.  But alas I’m Queen Bargain Hunter and always hustlin’, not much time to make detailed, elaborate LED clothing.  So!  I had to come up with my own way of makin’ light up boss threads.  Eliminate the wires and bulky battery pack, add a clip to the back of each LED Light, and voila!, you too can have your own quicky DIY LED clothing.  If you’re a creative costumer already, the possibilities are endless.  Check out the totally awesome slow-color change suit jacket lapels I put together in 5 minutes:

That’s 3.5 minutes to unwrap each LED Light, 0.5 minute to pull out their safety tabs, and 1 minute to clip them on equal distances apart.  YOU’RE WELCOME, world.

If doing this for a play, a production, for Cosplay, or any ol’ party night, reinforce your LED Lights with simple thread and needle so you don’t knock ’em off during your sweet dance moves.  When the party’s over and it’s back to business for your suit jacket or what have you, snip each thread loop and disassemble your homemade LED clothing…though you may not want to…and that’s OK.

Another alternative is our Fairy Lights!  They come in a variety of colors plus choose from a thin battery pack that’s easy to conceal, or AA battery packs that are chunky but going to last so long before it’s time for a battery change; we’re talkin’ many nights use.  For the creative thinker, these are quite easy to sew around the edge of fabrics, or simply wrap the wire around buttons, tinsel, feather boas, wigs and hats, really absolutely anything, and the string of lights are going to stay secure – love that safe copper wire.

Til next time, fashionistas!

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki