NERD ALERT: FBL Geek Gifts Live Long & Prosper


FACT:  Nerds love lights.  They’re the dynamic duo.  They go together like peas & carrots -nay- SciFi & Fantasy!  And FBL’s got surprisingly affordable Geek Gifts, so what a perfect partnership we’ve found in Club Cosplay.  They throw grandiose costume parties (for adults!!), immersed in pop culture & geeky goodness, plus they’re really branchin’ out from L.A. & coming to a city near you.  We sent our Cosplay buds some geek gifts in the form of LED Cheer Sticks, and photographer Jennifer Stockert captured the magic:




Do these nerds know how to party or what?!  Our lights looked like mini sabers bouncing around the dance floor – ’tis a gorgeous sight.  And it was THEE coolest seeing handcrafted LED light costumes all about – this creative crowd knows what’s up.  Thanks to CC, we’ve been able to connect with even more families in need of geek gifts regularly, be it costume accessories for Comic Con, or party favors for their kids’ birthday parties, the next generation:


Kid tested, party approved.  WELL done, parents.  Check out our latest geek treat:  The Pink Saber.  Pretty unique color, right?  It’s my new favorite.  This bargain-priced slim saber comes in classic colors blue, red and green too.


MORE geek gifts you say?!  Why SURE!  We got that.  Here, follow me, let’s take a tour of the FBL classics:

futureshadesLED Futuristic Shades.  They boldly go where no shades have gone before.  Folks are gonna wonder if you can beam them up, or if they can take you to their leader.  So be prepared for the inquisitions, earthling.  Special thanks to Andrew & Jessie here for the customer action shot.  If memory serves me right, they were at a Devo concert.  Excellent use of your Light-Ups, guys!


Next is our original & best selling LED Novelty Saber.  It’s got that “realistic” look going for it, plus way under 5 bucks a piece if you’re buying wholesale, and that cannot be beat.  Saber favors for the entire party without breaking the bank – everyone wins!!  Ya get color choices with this LED saber:  change its glowing steady light from blue to red to green, plus a separate button controls motion activated space battle sound effects.  RAD.

Connecting_Swords_bothDouble Sabers are legit.  Whether on the darker or lighter side of life, we’ve gotcha covered.  And BONUS:  these can be detached in the center.  Split ’em up for money savin’ purposes, or if your mini jedi-in-training is not yet tall enough for the almighty double saber.  Space sound effects go off all the while LED lights are powered on – so no separate button for sound on this one, OK parents?  The kids love it.


For y’all action stars who seriously BATTLE, you should go with our Expanding Sabers.  This compact light sword comes in traditional blue & red, however multicolor rules MY world because of its warp-speed flash function that makes trippy trails as you wave it in the air, and its mystical magical slow color change – oh it is just dreamy.  So what’s its secret to withstanding the hits of play battles?  The answer lies in this informative special report.


Now we mustn’t forget Space Blasters.  We’ve got lots of shiny sleek styles, all with spacey ray gun sound effects because that’s what our customers want. Some have spinning lights that hypnotize and mesmerize, some strictly blink & beep & boop & bop.  What’s unanimous here is they are SAFE and FUN. That’s the FBL way!

Well space folk, I hope you enjoyed my tour de jour of FBL geek gifts – this is just the beginning.  Special thanks to Club Cosplay and Jennifer Stockert – we send you light years of gratitude.  ‘Til next time…


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki