Tacky Christmas Sweaters: Still All The Rage.

Ahoy.sign_off_pic  Last we talked Tacky Christmas Sweaters, we explored how to improve an ordinary plain sweater with ever-enhancing LED lights.  Easy as pie.  Since then, Tacky Christmas Sweaters have taken off like a rocket ship.  There’s an insane amount of funny sweater designs out there, guys!  So it’s no longer a challenge to find something unique, and ya don’t have to break the bank to win that “Ugly” Sweater Contest.


As FBL gears up for the annual company Christmas party, many of us are preparing our own Tacky Christmas Sweaters for a fierce competition.  We’re encouraging our team to GET WACKY with it, add lights & flare, there is really no other way!  OH there will be prizes & pictures!  Stay tuned for that magic…  In the meantime, check out this ol’ thrift store trophy I spruced up with Battery Powered Wire String Lights & old tree decorations.  BEHOLD the power of a glue gun and doo-dads!  Winner winner chicken dinner!  Someone’s going to feel very accomplished upon receiving this, lemme tell ya…

tacky_christmas_sweater2Here’s one of my faves from last year:  FBL customer service rep Awesome Adriana.  This kind-hearted woman took craftiness to a whole new level when she connected a stuffed animal to her Christmas Sweater for constant companionship.  Cute idea!  I spy even more ingredients needed for extra sass:  flower trim, sparkly ribbons and our LED lights for arts & crafts.  WELL done, girl, A+++.


Here’s last year’s big winner, Vivacious Vero!  How’s that for team spirit?  She’s not only an essential part of our hard-workin’ custom print department, but she is a creative mastermind – just look at her use of our  Christmas Tree Wand! Love the slow color change Acrylic Snowflake Ornaments as well.  Above & beyond, this one.


When I’m party plannin’, it’s only right that I opt out of the contest.  But I can still get into it!  Check this light up tinsel garland boa I wove together in under 5 minutes, thanks to our LED String Lights – same product used on the trophy.  I kept the battery house in my pocket, simple. In addition to FBL Lights, I am also a huge fan of cats with laserbeam eyes.

SantasHelpersHere’s a bonus shot of a rockin’ FBL customer who sports more than Tacky Christmas Sweaters, and she gets creative with larger products; not just the micro lights. This Christmas skirt’s got our slow color change Mini Gift Ornaments inside & around the layers of tulle.  Nooooo way!  YES way.  Those Glowing Gift Ornaments come in a larger size too FYI.  Now if that’s not thinking outside the box, then I don’t know what is.  Pun intended.

***UPDATE*** since our last company Christmas party:  the big winner of our DIY Ugly Sweater Contest is FBL customer service rep & marketing extraordinaire ANDREW DODSON! (son) ((son)) (((dramatic echo)))  Congratulations, mate.  It is an honor to work with such a creative dude and good person.  D-Trump, eat your heart out – get a load of that sweater…


‘Til next time, amigos!

Happy holidays from all of us at FBL.  Y’all come back now, ya hear?


Easy Christmas Craft Idea: Make A Light Up Mistletoe Ball!

Pucker up, buttercup.  ‘Tis the season for a good ol’ fashioned Christmas Craft. Well, “old fashioned” not so much now that LED lights are readily available. And actually dare I say Christmas craft because I hear “kissing ball” ornaments are becoming a year round thing, did you know this??  News to me.  Thanks, Pinterest, I really am learning somethin’ new every day.  Here’s hoping I can teach Pinterest a thing or 2 — check out FBL’s own simple craft for the holidays.  Making DIY Light Up Mistletoe makes for a fun gift to give at holiday parties…

*Ooo* la la!  This Christmas Craft can be done in a jiffy with our battery-powered LED string lights, available is many shapes. Above’s cute lil’ green trees, and my favorite to the left is steady white stars, dainty & magical. Wrap them around a mistletoe ball, or floral KISSING ball if you will, and *voila!* Hide the battery house within your Christmas craft, in the ball itself OR in a pocket should you use these babies on a tacky Christmas sweater – oh please do, you will not regret it!  More pics of that magic craft coming soon…

‘Til next time, light crafters!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Frozen Party Crafts Let It GLOW! PART 2

Let’s talk Winter.  FBL’s been in the mood since Summer when we debuted Frozen Party supplies, and from here on out, it’s SNOWFLAKES GALORE, leading to inspired ideas perfect for a Frozen party.  If it’s unique party treats you seek, look no further.  Light-Ups are a delight, whether placed in goody bags alone, or add a little DIY flair to ’em.  Look how I accentuated our already-awesome Fiber Optic Hair Clips:


To get our year-round Frozen Party started, FBL went to the craft store.  Got some feathers in Frozen party colors, plus glitter snowflake appliques.  Next with a 12-pack of Fiber Optic Hair Lights, I simply started gluing.  Line up the feathers, spread them out like fan, glue into place, then tack on a snowflake decal to top it off.  Repeat until you have enough decorated hair clips for all your RSVP’ed party guests and prepare to impress.


* Our last light craft shows off the light sparkles quite nicely – check that out.)

Another Frozen party favor must is our Sparkling LED Snowflake Wand!  We’ve worked hard at FBL to keep its quality excellent, and its cost super affordable, so we’re proud to say this is an awesome product.  I plan to tie some shiny curled ribbon to the tops of mine for extra flair as it’s swished around, ya know, as snow queens do…


Catch My Party knows all about lighting up party favors – how cute are these goody boxes?  To recreate the soft winter glow they’ve got goin’ on, I recommend Color Change LED Ice Cubes, OMG, so totally Frozen:


We used the those same LED Cubes as cupcake toppers too – love!


Here are more of my favorite DIY Frozen party ideas:

A Girl & A Boy made pipe cleaner snowflakes – how perfectly simple.  Kids love pipe cleaners ’cause they’re easy to manipulate, and parents love pipe cleaners because NO MESS.  This is a great D.I.T. project at a party (do-it-together, y’all), plus accentuate your ‘flakes further by using sparkly pipe cleaners!  I just can’t get enough sparkles.


Magically Made crafted DIY snowball strands.  I so wanna make these!  Simply put:  “Thread cotton balls on clear plastic twine, spacing them a few inches apart, and secure each with a knot on either side as you string.”  Aye aye, captain.  Wouldn’t this make a great backdrop for a DIY photo booth?  A party just ain’t a party without a decorated spot for photo opps.


If cotton ball snow decor is not enough, consider adding disco balls at various lengths and let natural light do it’s thing, reflecting and dancing all around you!  This makes me so happy, I can’t even put it into words…  Cheers, Victoria Elizabeth Barnes!


My Texas Nest constructed icy cool front door decor to greet party guests.  This would look awesome with some color changing Light Up Snowflakes in the mix.


The Crafted Sparrow created a rustic dainty snowflake display.  I’d love to make a hanging mobile like this.  Or expand its size and make it a doorway curtain to walk through, whoa, YES…


Well that was fun.  Any fellow crafty Frozen fans in the house, care to share more unique ideas?  Tell us in the comments below – we love keeping in touch with the crafty community.  ‘Til next time!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Dress Up Ugly Christmas Sweaters with Clip-On LEDs!


Deck the halls with tacky sweaters!  Also known as Ugly Christmas Sweaters, but gosh, isn’t that a bit harsh?  Ugly Christmas Sweaters nowadays are less tacky, more funny and can get quite fashionable, plus they’re pretty simple and inexpensive to create on your own.  Viva DIY!  Last year I needed one in a jiffy, but scoured thrift stores too close to the holiday, found nothin’ but plain sweaters.  No biggee!  Took matters into my own hands:

Eat your heart out, Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  A plain sweater will do just fine when matched with creativity.  Needle & thread is all ya need to attach Christmas garland around collar, bottom hem & sleeve ends.  Or if you’re in a super hurry, consider safety pins.  For the final touch, clip-on LED blinkies and prepare to party.  I reinforced each LED clip with a dab of hot glue in the garland since I knew there’d be dancing at some point.  Can’t have my lights falling off mid-Running Man.  If flash is not your thing, consider our chilled-out Candy Lites with steady lighting – an Ugly Christmas Sweater favorite.


A LIL’ BACKSTORY for those new to the U.C.S. phenomenon:  these things were seriously popular in the ’80s & ’90s.  No…seriously.  Without lights unfortunately.  Then as time progressed and senses of humor ripened, a massive second wind has taken over the nation, and this kitschy fad is here to stay.  It doesn’t get much nerdier than this.  And nowadays nerdy is way cool.  Right, Matt Damon?


 Let’s check out more fab Christmas Sweater creations.  TGFL!  (Thank goodness for lights…they really do take this trend next level…)

Wellsphere put together an easy-to-follow tutorial.  Hey, I recognize that nose!


Macaroni & Cheesecake’s take on an “Ugly” Christmas Sweater.  Very manly, plus extra fast (see the safety pins?  Ain’t no shame!).  Very resourceful.  TCB in a flash.


Cassie Stephens says forget the sweater!  Keep it dressy.  Good call, girl.  I am so lovin’ this and vow to try it myself – thanks for the inspiration.


A Preppy State of Mind kept with the skirt idea.  Bows galore – stick ’em everywhere!  Ya really can’t mess this up, for the “tackier” the better.  I prefer to call it festive.  Gotta try this with our fancy Fiber Optic Gift Bows!


Nestful of Love came up with a grand idea for a DIY photo booth.  The backdrop is taped-up wrapping paper, and the prop is a big ol’ thrift store frame wrapped with LED string lights.  It’s almost too easy.  And absolutely effective.  Note to self for FBL‘s company Christmas party…


This is JUST the tip of the iceberg.  If you’ve got ideas in the works but are unsure where to start, cruise Pinterest or Google Images and get inspired!  The selection is immense, most of it DIY (proud of you, crafters), and so much of it can be done spur-of-the-moment.  Should you need help assembling your own, hit me up in the comments below – I’m always here to help.  ‘Til next time!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Frozen Party Ideas Let It Glow!


Calling all snow queens, strong sisters & silly snowmen!  Frozen Party Ideas have taken FBL by storm.  Today’s craft is so cute & simple, plus we’ve got a few more coming up in future blog posts as we countdown to Christmas, so bookmark the FBL blog & stick with us!  We now carry official Frozen paper party goods to decorate & match our LED snowflake treats – how cool is that?  VERY, for we’re fans ourselves.  And we love to light craft, so let’s start exploring this vast winter wonderland of Frozen party ideas.


Faith_1Here’s our pal Faith wearing one of the most popular Frozen Party Ideas ever ever, muy clever.  She used one of our blinky snowflake earrings to light up her DIY snow queen crown.  Creative kiddo!  The glitter foam crown we crafted thanks to this free template from My Sister’s Suitcase.  Little ladies love tiara crafts done together as a party activity, plus the joy they feel taking home their crafted creation, ahh, nothing compares when you’re young.  It’s a proud moment.  This Frozen party idea takes the cake.  Speaking of cake!!?!


Jacob_1FBL Light Up Ice Cubes as cupcake toppers.  Perfect Frozen-inspired party flare, right?  Nothing short of fabulous.  I guarantee these will make your party guests “OOOooo” & “Aaaahhh”.

But I digress!  Back to the craft.  Faith’s brother Jacob became a fan of our Arts & Crafts Blinkies in a flash, plus he didn’t need much to make it pop.  I love how one simple LED light added to his reindeer antlers brightened his day.  Nice work, young man!  Excellent tribute to that furry dude with the shiny nose.  You would even say it *glows*…

Outtake LOLz!  Pretty sure the sugar rush is kickin’ in here.  Cupcakes were definitely consumed.  Also, DINOSAURS.  Important stuff, folks.Jacob_2

Stay tuned for our next snowflake themed episode where we explore a light craft ideal for parents making party favors or gifts in advance, plus fun to do with older kids; think adolescents, tweens & beyond…  Here’s a teaser:Craft_with_11650MLT

 ‘Til next time!  DIY & TCB ~

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


Sparkling Birthday Ideas On A Budget

Unique Birthday Ideas.  You need ’em, I need ’em, we all need ’em.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been lazy when it comes to gift wrap.  Even if my gift is totally heartfelt, I feel a little bad just handing it over.  WAH waaah, what a party pooper move – don’t be that guy!  Well check it out, gift givers, here’s a birthday idea to top ALL budget birthday ideas.  FBL’s shimmery shining Easy Open LED Gift Boxes.


Ain’t she pretty?  Our model looks nice too.  Though we have a plethora of unique birthday ideas, it’s our Light Up Gift Box that gets me every time.  I mean that glitter shell is just to die for, dahlings, you really must see it in person.  Plus it OPENS UP?  Get.  Out! Yes, this birthday idea’s a game changer and I’ve officially stepped it up in the gift giving department.  Thanks, FBL.

Nowadays my gifts of choice are petite, ya know?  Strictly to show off this newfound gem of a gift box *wink*.  It is afterall a big part of the gift since it has changeable batteries. The person you’re gifting can re-use it if they wish!  My mom is gonna LOVE THAT when I hand over this year’s Mother’s Day present:earrings_in_led_gift_box1

And this lil’ care package is for my car lovin’ nephew – he is gonna FLIP:cars_in_led_box

I even use an LED Gift Box to organize my many condiment packets at the office, I’m TELLIN’ ya, the fun possibilities are endless…



~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


DIY Centerpieces Go Glam With Lights!

DIY Centerpieces make holiday get-togethers muy magical.  Whether placing one magnificent piece on a snack table where guests help themselves to egg nog, or scattering a few pieces along a buffet table where you’ll feast with good company, DIY centerpieces go a long way making your holiday extra cozy, welcoming & unforgettable. Check out these fun centerpiece ideas done with LED lights…

Light Up Deco Balls stacked in glass cylinders which can be found at one of those bargain dollar stores no doubt.  The balls are slooowly changing color here – just imagine the morphing in person.  It is VERY groovy, baby.

This here’s reminiscent of classic DIY Centerpieces spotted here on Pinterest, just replace old school ornaments with our LED Deco Balls, or mix the 2 together.  A wide/short jar-like vase & decorative beads are easy to find at your local craft store.* BONUS: You can set our Deco Balls on steady single colors!  It’s a must when matching DIY Centerpieces to a color scheme, like for a wedding reception or big birthday bash.  Many thanks to our customer Evelyn Fernandez for submitting the pic above!

Here’s my latest light craft made with the same affordable glowing orbs.  Deck the halls with Deco Balls!  I was improvising here, after browsing Pinterest for ideas, and I’m pretty pleased with the result.  To recreate, get a styrofoam cone shape from the craft store – this will act as the skeleton.  Next get some LED Orbs With Stake; might I suggest 24 pieces (it really depends on the size tree you’re goin’ for…)  Then plant them all over the styrofoam core & fill any empty spots with regular ol’ shiny tree ornaments.

Did you know we have a rechargeable JUMBO version of the LED Deco Ball?  My little buddy Elise is a big fan because she gets to change the color like a boss – it comes with remote control.  Pinky lavender is her favorite.  My personal fave is the slow color change.

* BONUS:  These big beauties safely float in water.  AND they come with a recharging dock + large detachable stake for planting light orbs in the ground as garden decor.  OH yes, ’tis quite the magical treasure and I’m totally happy I bought one for my own home.

‘Til next time.  Keep on craftin’, light loves!  Happy happy holidays & ring us should you have any further questions – we love to help.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki, Pro Bargain Hunter & Light Crafter Extraordinaire


Add Lights & Glow To Your Funny Elf On The Shelf Ideas!

ATTN: fun parents & party people!

In need of new & improved funny Elf On The Shelf ideas this Christmas? We’ve got light up stocking stuffers so perfect for this.  Wait a minute – do you even know what Elf On The Shelf is??  For those out of the loop, check it out:

What started as a children’s book is now a silly/awesome holiday tradition.  We love silly/awesome, it’s kind of our thing…  Rumor has it Santa sends elves out into the world to spy on kids (um, kinda creepy), and that is how he knows who’s naughty or nice. Naturally elves get into mischief, they so crazy, so parents keep up this game of placing their kid’s elf doll in wacky scenarios every morning in December.  Kiddos can’t wait to wake up & find out what their funny Elf On The Shelf was up to overnight!  Grown-ups are no exception, and I for one LOVE THIS THANG.  I plan on keeping it up year ’round strictly to amuse my husband who is also a giant little kid:

Meet Gnome MacDonald. Magical protector of fiber LED centerpieces.

Duck & monkey BFFs. This year they’re delivering light up gifts in place of Santa & his reindeer.  Don’t worry about it, they’re professionals.

Mele Kalikimaka!  It’s the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day.

Obviously, I had to improvise with the characters found around my house.  But I’ve officially added a creepy elf doll to my Christmas list (wuddup, Santa).  You really can use any funny toy or doll for this.  For more funny Elf On The Shelf ideas, meet us over at Pinterest, where the ideas are plentiful and not just for kids anymore…

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki Claus

Light Up Your Stockings!

There is a new video, filmed with great Christmas Stocking Stuffers and Santa Claus himself.

Watch him take advantage of our great Christmas Sale going on every year! Stay in tune for next Christmas!



Light Up Toys Make The Holidays Extra Special

Light Up Toys are a great find this Christmas, when we’re ALL on a budget more than usual.  Hey man, life gets expensive!  KIDS are expensive.  But your holiday entertainment doesn’t have to be.  With over 1000 light up toys & novelties at your fingertips, you’re bound to find something fit for your kids, nieces or nephews, maybe even your big-kid-self, and you don’t have to break the bank doing so.

Before the holiday rush is REALLY on & you find there’s only a couple shopping days left, let us help you get started by showing you our best selling light up toys.  There’s a reason we can’t keep them in stock at times!  But fear not, for we’ve stocked up on light up toys for the holidays.  Saber swords are by far the most popular & timeless.  Princess items too.  Check out our favorites; allow us to help you narrow it down…

#11192 Futuristic Light Swords are THE BEST if you know kiddos obsessed with outer space & movies revolving around it (wink, nudge).  So many options here:  use it with the LEDs on & the saber sounds off if you wish, plus switch it up – choose to be red, blue, or green.  Look at this happy dude!

#11320 Ninja Swords are also incredibly popular year round.  It’s unique due to the sturdy clear blue plastic blade, allowing the LEDs to shine extra bright, a cool accented handle, and realistic “clanging” sounds that are motion activated.  Happy dudes indeed!

#10781 Expandable Swords are a great option because they’re collapsible!  This is going to save you money on shipping (smaller package = less shipping to pay), plus the kids love feeling in control as they expand the sword all by themselves.  Also comes in red, for little girls love swords too!

Now what to get for the girly girls in your life?  Anything princessy will make them love you forever. (Why else do you think I’m a favorite aunt?!) Our Fairy/princess theme is the way to make someone feel special.

Happy shopping, my dear flashing blinkies!  And from the comfort of your own home no less.

Making spirits bright ~                                                                                                             ~ Nikki & Team FBL