Frozen Party Ideas Let It Glow!


Calling all snow queens, strong sisters & silly snowmen!  Frozen Party Ideas have taken FBL by storm.  Today’s craft is so cute & simple, plus we’ve got a few more coming up in future posts as we countdown to Christmas, so bookmark the FBL blog & stick with us!  We carry a variety of magical Snowflake Lights to decorate your party and yourself.  Plus we love to light craft with these beauties, so let’s explore this vast winter wonderland of Frozen party ideas…




Here’s our pal Faith wearing one of the most popular Frozen Party Ideas ever ever, muy clever.  With help and parental supervision, she attached one our blinky snowflakes to light up her DIY snow queen crown.  Creative kiddo!

The glitter foam crown was crafted with this free template from My Sister’s Suitcase.  Little ladies love tiara crafts done together as a party activity, plus the joy they feel taking home their crafted creation, ahh, nothing compares when you’re young.  It’s a proud moment.

This Frozen party idea takes the cake.  Speaking of cake!!?!…



FBL Light Up Ice Cubes as cupcake toppers.  Perfect Frozen-inspired party flare, right?  Nothing short of fabulous, plus party guests can take theirs home.  I guarantee these will make guests of all ages “OOOooo” & “Aaaahhh”.

Stay tuned for our next snowflake themed episode where we explore a light craft ideal for parents making party favors or gifts in advance, plus fun to do with older kids; think adolescents, tweens & beyond…  Here’s a teaser:


 ‘Til next time!  DIY & TCB.

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki