The Red, White, and Blinky

Everyone. Memorial Day is just around the corner and you will be barbecuing, let’s face it. Even if you aren’t planning on it, something will happen, you’ll fall into an apron with a funny phrase on it, and start pouring Worcestershire sauce on ribs before you can say “Lady Liberty!” And it’s a lot of responsibility, let’s face it, but little did you know until now, Flashing Blinky Lights is here to help.

Take, for instance, while your neighbors who don’t mow their lawn next door are busy with red solo cups; Imagine a glass of strawberry lemonade, but no ordinary glass, no, sir, but our new Red White & Blue Pilsner Light Up Glasses – SKU NO: 10320.

Let us not leave the adults in the dark either, when a nice whiskey on the rocks in our aptly named Light Up Whiskey Rocks Glass – SKU NO: 10529 can wash down the stress of a long cook-out.

But don’t limit yourself to just drinkware, people, because we have practical decorations and fun wearable items that can liven up any party and make the dance floor that much bright (or embarrassing the next morning, depending on how you look at it). From our brand spankin’ NEW! USA Stars & Flag Stripes LED Sunglasses – SKU NO: 11668 to the Triple Star Light Up Flashing Wand (Red White Blue) – SKU NO: 11150, kids and adults alike will have one heck of a time at our fictional barbecue.

In addition to decorating your faces and libations, desserts are also a major factor. Here’s an FBL oldie but goodie: The Champagne Jello Glass! With our Light Up Champagne Glass with Long Spiral Stem – SKU NO: 10483, take equal parts red and blue jelly and intercut them, like so, with your favorite whipped cream. Tasty? Tasty.

What you want, we’ve got. It’s true. You’re welcome, America.