Reasons To Be Blinky — Flashing LEDs, The Environment, and You…

I write this to you with great pride in that not only are LEDs “fun as all get-out” (which no one has said since the 1970’s) but, guess what, they are completely energy efficient as well.

So, this is where it begins:

An LED lamp, for example, has around 100,000 hours of life in it. Left on continuously, that’s around 10-11 years of usage. Now, take into consideration that LEDs also convert, if well-made (like our’s), 80% of the electrical energy into light energy. That means they are 80% more efficient than electrical lights. True story.

If we convert to LEDs for all of our light needs (minus what the sun can afford us), imagine the impact we could make on energy in America. Think of it as an 80% savings in electricity.

“But Andrew, where do we begin? There is so much to do to be able to convert!”

Well, Unnamed Fake Example Man, you start right here: Flashing Blinky Lights.

You’re welcome, America.