DIY Light Crafts: Add Light Clips To Halloween Glitter Skulls!

Good day, crafty ladies & gents! Back with more DIY light crafts for fellow Halloween party animals.  Today’s topic: Halloween Glitter Skulls & how to make them look WAY more awesome.

Halloween Glitter Skulls & other Halloween shapes made of styrofoam are all the rage right now + inexpensive as all get out.  Found this cute skull & spider topped headband at Michael’s Craft Store.  Accentuated it EASY with 2 slow color change “Aurora” light clips.  Just remove the tiny pads that come on each clip (for use as LED earrings), stick the clips out, then shove them into the eye sockets of your Halloween Glitter Skulls.  BAM!  Whammy!  Get ready for compliments, fashionistas.  If you’re partying extra hard while wearing something like this, just add some glue to the light clip backing & you’re good to go, a.k.a. dance that booty off without losing your lights!  untz, untz

A little background on the Aurora clips, for they are my favorite & good for so much more than Halloween glitter skulls:  they’re named after aurora borealis, that magical light display up in the northern skies.  Dreamy to the MAX.  Not only do they make for unique party earrings, but I clip them into up-do hairstyles.  Add a few scattered flashing light clips to give the illusion that your princess hair is sparkling, or fill your up-do hairstyle with a bunch of Aurora lights for a futuristic glowing ‘do.  The slow movement from color to color is easy on the eyes, plus the white cap over the LEDs dims them just a bit; essential if you’re wearing these in a darkened room or dimly lit bar.  Our Aurora lights are definitely more subtle vs. our other flashy colors with clear caps.

OK, back to sprucing up our website with more fun new holiday stuff for you to check out!

‘Til next time, craft heads.                                                                                                  TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Nikki