LED Craft Time: Add Fiber Optic Hair Clips To A Wreath


Good day, dahlings.  Time for another super cool & very simple LED craft.  Our Fiber Optic Hair Clips can be altered to any length for use just about anywhere.  I’m talkin’ Fiber Optic Hair Clips sprouting out of birthday gift bags, added to table centerpieces, chopped & cropped for short hair, sewn into clothing, seriously ANYwhere.  Best hair clips, hands down.

And have you seen these multicolor Fiber Optic Hair Clips up close & personal?  They’re bright as can be thanks to a white LED inside the battery house, plus a cool mix of royal blue, jade green & magenta pink fiber optic strands.  No flash, just a steady glow.  Looks like a sparkling waterfall through your hair.  LOVE!

Since our Fiber Optic Hair Clips are pretty long, I trimmed them to fit a peacock feather wreath found at Michael’s.  So totally easy, you guys, just remember to cut vertical-ish.  Slant those shears!  Do NOT cut straight across, OK?  Channel your inner hairstylist and cut at an extreme angle.  Avoid the blunt cut!  Yes, a light-handed diagonal chop will help keep your fiber optics hair lights looking like stars in the night sky.  Beautiful!  Pictures just don’t do it justice.  Plus in a totally dark room?  WHOA.  Extremely  magical.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE! …      You can manipulate the shape of your fiber optic hair lights too.  I ran into a “happy accident” here – left my hair fibers in a car cup holder, hangin’ over the side.  The next day, they had a permanent curve thanks to the heat, so…thanks, Sun!  Basically melted them into the shape of my wreath.  You can curl them like ribbon too ya know, just a bit (be gentle).  And the quickest way to alter the shape of fibers fresh out the package:  pull fibers apart with just a bit of force where they exit the battery house – this will help spread out those tiny points of light.  Pretty!

And now for the finished product.  Had to leave room lights on to show you what vivid colors we’re workin’ with and how perfectly our Fiber Optic Hair Lights match peacock feathers. What a dreamy wall decoration and fun conversation starter!


‘Til next time, craft lovahs.                                                                                                  TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Nikki