Lighten Up Election Day With Political Party Favors!

Election Day is upon us.  Opinions are vast, tensions are building, and patriots are more passionate than ever.  Do you need something to help lighten the mood?  I know I do, and FBL Political Party Favors are just the thing, young Americans.  Because life’s too fun to take it all too seriously.  So when the news gets my head in a tizzy, and the ads keep pushin’ props, I can just flip a switch, sit back and relax wearin’ my red white & blue light up Political Party Favors.

But in all seriousness, regardless of who you vote for on Election Day, and no matter which Political Party Favors you sport to show your pride, what’s important here is that we all take the time to vote.  Let’s do our homework, read up on important matters and visit a polling place, or send in that absentee ballot (note to self for next year).  Check out this DIY sign I made using our red white & blue light pins and Political Party Favors.  So festive, and talk about spreadin’ the word!

You BET I’ll take that sign out with me on Election Day.  Imagine the possibilities if you used this idea to create a political message sign.  NO ONE would miss the point you’re trying to get across.  Not one person.  Check out these lights in action:

How I did it?  So easy:

  1. I got a styrofoam rectangle from my local craft store.  Use any material board you wish…
  2. I painted its surface with glue, then sprinkled glitter.
  3. I hot glued Mardi Gras beads around the edges for a little extra bling (optional).
  4. Buy a few bags of Red White & Blue LEDs for Arts & Crafts, and glue ’em to the board.  Spell out anything you wish!  We have so many color options for these crafty blinkies (some slow change and some steady/no flash, so check that out.

Happy voting, America.  Keep on craftin’ in the free world.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki