Light Up Toys Make The Holidays Extra Special

Light Up Toys are a great find this Christmas, when we’re ALL on a budget more than usual.  Hey man, life gets expensive!  KIDS are expensive.  But your holiday entertainment doesn’t have to be.  With over 1000 light up toys & novelties at your fingertips, you’re bound to find something fit for your kids, nieces or nephews, maybe even your big-kid-self, and you don’t have to break the bank doing so.

Before the holiday rush is REALLY on & you find there’s only a couple shopping days left, let us help you get started by showing you our best selling light up toys.  There’s a reason we can’t keep them in stock at times!  But fear not, for we’ve stocked up on light up toys for the holidays.  Saber swords are by far the most popular & timeless.  Princess items too.  Check out our favorites; allow us to help you narrow it down…

#11192 Futuristic Light Swords are THE BEST if you know kiddos obsessed with outer space & movies revolving around it (wink, nudge).  So many options here:  use it with the LEDs on & the saber sounds off if you wish, plus switch it up – choose to be red, blue, or green.  Look at this happy dude!

#11320 Ninja Swords are also incredibly popular year round.  It’s unique due to the sturdy clear blue plastic blade, allowing the LEDs to shine extra bright, a cool accented handle, and realistic “clanging” sounds that are motion activated.  Happy dudes indeed!

#10781 Expandable Swords are a great option because they’re collapsible!  This is going to save you money on shipping (smaller package = less shipping to pay), plus the kids love feeling in control as they expand the sword all by themselves.  Also comes in red, for little girls love swords too!

Now what to get for the girly girls in your life?  Anything princessy will make them love you forever. (Why else do you think I’m a favorite aunt?!) Our Fairy/princess theme is the way to make someone feel special.

Happy shopping, my dear flashing blinkies!  And from the comfort of your own home no less.

Making spirits bright ~                                                                                                             ~ Nikki & Team FBL