LED Ice Cubes: Know Your Options!

Welcome, cocktail enthusiasts!  We’ve been expecting you.  Kick your feet up, put on a record or 8 track, MP3, whatever you crazy kids are listening to these days, and prepare to blast off into the happiest of happy hours.  Once you add LED ice cubes to your mix, there is no goin’ back…

: : cue swingin’ tunes : :


Allow me to introduce you to

The latest & greatest in LED ice cubes.  Reasons why they rule:

1.)  The price tag. “Price breaks” for our wholesale customers, that’s how we roll.

2.)  The realistic rectangular frosty shell.  They just don’t make ’em like this, you guys!  They being our competitors.  FBL makes thee only realistic looking shell on the LED ice cube market.  So special, we had to patent it.

3.)  Light drinks on the GO.  Small & discreet, I can put a 12-piece box of Inspiration Ice in my bag before a night out and surprise my pals as the sun goes down.  Always exciting! Pretty perty in our cups even when there’s still a bit of sunlight.

In total darkness, they are extra magical.  Add ’em to an ice bucket mixed with real ice cubes – this makes party people VERY happy.


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Now before Inspiration Ice, there was HOLLYWOOD ICE.


Our 1st FBL brand of LED ice cubes.  Reasons why they still rule:

1.) Same great price.  Just depends on the LOOK you prefer: realistic rectangles vs. sleek squares.

2.) The white cube inside.  Hollywood Ice cubes appear to glow neon thanks to the inner shell which diffuses the light.

3.) Once again, simple to take with.  Light glasses are way fun too, but when you’re on the go & taking the party with you, LED cubes are totally the way to go. Check out this delectable spread.  YOU BET I bring ’em to restaurants.

MAGICAL FACTS about both styles:

>>>  Always tested & boy we are strict.  FDA approved plastic, waterproof buttons, and permanently sealed for safety.  We design all the Light Ups we can to have changeable batteries for multiple nights of fun, but this is one light product you want sealed for good.

>>> Color choices!  Multicolor allows you to leave it on the steady color of your choice, or a groovy color splash setting which cycles through every shade of the rainbow. BUT did you know you can buy our LED ice cubes in single colors to match your wedding, event or team colors?  ‘Tis true, and our 1-color cubes give you the option to flash, blink, or stay on steady.

>>> Add them to edible creations!  Safe/tested plastic shell means cool to put on cupcakes, illuminate an entire birthday cake or wedding cake, the possibilities are endless if you’re a creative baker!  So cute, right?




What say you, dear customer, have you big plans for your first order of LED ice cubes?  Show us how you put ’em to use – we’re on Facebook & totally love keeping in touch; always proud of our crafty customers.  I do like to share top secret coupon codes on there as well, so there’s that…

 ‘Til next time, light lovers.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki ~


Inspiration Ice = PATENT #D650,121

Hollywood Ice = PATENT #D552,633