Light Ups Are White Party Ready!

Chances are there’s a White Party in your neck of the woods.  Also known as a “White Hot Party”, aw yeah.  And WHY a White Party, you may ask?  Because it’s just a straight-up swanky way to decorate both a room and yourself.  White outfits, white props, white accessories, and white lights, don’t forget the lights!  CLASSY.



I just love our latest fab addition to the Flashing Blinky fedora line-up.  LED White Party Hat, you are the bees knees!  Pretty posh if I do say so myself. White Party customers have been coming to us for years to deck out fabulous white parties in Palm Springs, on cruise ships, even P. Diddy is now known for holding an annual White Party. Way to bring it to the masses, dude!  We salute you…


But Hollywood’s got nothin’ on our customers.  Check out their fun below, partyin’ on the high seas.  Special thanks to FBL customer Renee for the pic!  And just for her loyalty & support buying both our silver & black fedoras in the past, I’m sending her a sample of our new white fedora ON THE HOUSE.  Ya hear that, Renee?!  You earned it.  Love that our customers keep comin’  back – could not appreciate them more.

SOooo any White Hot Party plans in your future?  Keep us posted – we’d love to help decorate you from head to toe.  (<<<Those little clip-on LEDs look way cool attached to shoes by the way…did that myself last time I hit the dance floor…)

Party on, party people!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki