Craft Your Own Party Hat! You Can Do It. I Believe In You…

Isn’t it nice to have someone believe in you?  I will be that person for you on this magical journey, dear crafters.  Let me be your guide into the land of Extreme Party Hat Craftin’.  I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again:  LIGHTS.  ARE.  ESSENTIAL.  And don’t you forget it.  A blinged-out party hat is excellent for whimsical tea parties, Mardi Gras carnivals & night time festivals where creativity is king.  So get yourself a simple novelty top hat & FUNk it up.  Here’s my latest creation, do you love it, or do you love it?

Party Hat MAGICAL INGREDIENTS straight from the shelves of FBL:

1.) 76″ battery powered LED String Lights for crafts & table decor.  We have many shapes & colors, but white stars are my favorite.  Shines a brilliant steady light, easy on the eyes.

2.) Inexpensive non-light up Mardi Gras Beads.  All experienced Mardi Gras peeps know they’re a glue gun’s best friend – attach them to anything.  Makes for a cool colorful lining in particular.  Pinterest taught me well!  (< Find ours right there, y’all.)

3.) The rest of my flair was found for cheap online (top hat) & at my local craft store (everythang else).  Seriously just gather & glue, gather & glue, it’s that simple.  Use tinsel garland, glitter ribbon, faux flowers, decorative birds, sparkle butterflies, I’ve even got a garden gnome in there – ello:


Don’t forget feathers, y’owl!


Baby bird’s ready for his close-up.  Sweet lil’ dude.


Crafty WORDS O’ WISDOM:  Before you start gluing, and looking at all the junk/treasures accumulated, you may panic for a second, thinking “WHERE do I begin?!”   Hey.  Chill.  And just glue – glue like the wind!  Take it one piece at a time and know you really can’t mess this up, for the funkier the better.


So how about it, party animals, are you ready to make your own?  Give it a go.  I’d love to see what you come up with.  Let’s keep in touch – leave a comment below.  ‘Til next time…


Flashing Blinky Nikki, at your service.