Make Light Up DIY Hair Accessories On The Cheap!

Unique DIY Hair Accessories are on the rise thanks to Pinterest.  Do-it-yourself determination, saving money & sharing ideas, that’s what Pinterest is all about.  We here at FBL could not love it more, for we are ALL about light crafts, plus our wholesale pricing rules for crafty mamas making DIY hair accessories for re-sale; what a great way to supplement your income.  Check out this light bloom I crafted for my hair in just a few minutes.  Most of that time was spent waiting for the glue gun to heat up!Try_It_TuesdayDIY Hair Accessories call for SKU #11905 Aurora LED Lights specially made for arts & crafts.  The magical slow change of its colors is reminiscent of aurora borealis, and their flat-backs make them simple to glue to most material.  You can also attach Arts & Crafts LEDs by Velcro if you’re not ready for that kind of [hot glue] commitment.  As a crafter myself & enthusiast of DIY hair accessories, I really love that we’re carrying more colors for our customer/fan/friends involved with Cosplay, raves, fashion, festivals & theater.  Not too long ago, we started with one flashing color, they sold like hotcakes, so we started making more color options for y’all.  Available with CLIP backs too!

So tell me, what’s your favorite color?  Let me know in the comments below, for if we don’t yet carry the color you need, we CAN get it.  Anything for our fellow light crafters…

‘Til next time!  TCB & DIY, y’all.

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki ~