DIY Lighting with FBL String Lights

Welcome back, light lovers.  Gotta show you these classic ideas for mood lighting on a budget.  “Do It Yourself” is the way to go, and DIY Lighting can be quite simple with a couple key ingredients:  #1) a decorative piece that acts as a base or a canvas, and that can be a plant, a glass sculpture, a translucent container, nearly anything your heart desires…and #2) beautifully bright LED String Lights by FBL.  Check out these relaxing ideas for DIY lighting in the home.  Cool, calm & collected…

Battery powered LEDs are awesome for home crafting, surprisingly long lasting, plus batteries simple to replace with a mini screwdriver.  To recreate the look of this magical DIY Lighting, wrap the dainty wires around your “canvas” or inside your base, and prepare to chill:

USB powered Fairy Lights also exist, ooo lala, no having to change the batteries.  Kitty cat approved, and each bulb pictured below slow-color-changes at different times (bulbs not in sync), which makes for the dreamiest morphing of colors.  This desert succulent parked next to the TV (our power source) means the light automatically turn on every time it’s Movie Time:

The following’s another cat classic featuring our Jumbo Deco Ball which is rechargeable and changes color with remote control.  Set decorators and special event coordinators really care about that Pure White light setting, while it can also change to any still color you desire — aqua, pink, purple, red, blue, amber, jade — you name it, it can do it!  Its slow-color-change is my personal favorite.  This beautiful light orb is also floatable on the water and hangable from trees, an incredible garden light, just don’t leave it out overnight in the elements…take care of your light product and it will take care of you.

Aaaahhhh, I can feel my stress levels drop and blood pressure simmer down just looking at these peaceful images.  Having these pieces through my home has definitely made it a Happy Place.  Budget DIY lighting isn’t just great for relaxing moments at home, but also wedding receptions, high school proms, and the office believe it or not – that’s how we roll at FBL.  Working while surrounded by lights, plus paired with good tunes, makes for good moods and great days.

Here’s something way cool about FBL’s LED String Lights, literally:

arrowneonLEDs don’t heat up like old school lights, therefore totally safe adding them to crafts and clothing.  Remember old Christmas lights and how hot they’d get while running up your electric bill?  Yeaaaaah, don’t use those.  Like ever again.  I mean it.  Listen to your Auntie Nikki…

‘Til next time…  Chill on, light lovers!

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki