Looking for an easy-to-move product at a low cost? Then look no further. FlashingBlinkyLights’ Distributorship program will have you up and running in no time. Our products are sure to draw attention in your direction every time. If you’re doing tradeshows, concerts, carnivals, fairs, parades, online retailing/wholesaling, etc, then our products are just what you NEED! Please note, FBL does not distribute to those who sell on Amazon, Shopping.com or Nextag.  FBL sells on those websites and thus does not compete directly with its own distributors.  FBL distributors sell using their own websites and through retail events.

How to Become an FBL Distributor

Order $2,500 worth of merchandise:

You can do this all at once or gradually over time.  Just let us know that you intend to become an FBL distributor, and we will keep track of all the orders you place. Once your orders add to a total of at least $2,500, you will then receive Distributor benefits. This means that you will receive 2,500 piece pricing on all of your future orders REGARDLESS of the quantity.*

What are the benefits of becoming an FBL Distributor?

As an FBL Distributor you will receive many benefits. The first and most obvious is Distributor pricing which is LOWER than any price on our site. Another great benefit is Drop Shipping. As your supplier, we will ship orders directly from our warehouse to your customer. When you receive an order from your customer, just fax us your packing slip. We will include this packing slip in the order and not our own. Also, the “ship from” address on the shipment will be changed from our address, to your address. Therefore there will be NO indication that the package is coming from us. The package will look as if it is coming directly from you. This is the BEST way to run your business. NO warehousing! NO employee costs! Just call in, or place your order online, and we’ll take care of the rest! Yes, It is that simple! Also, we've made becoming a distributor easier than ever! CLICK HERE to view Distributor Packs!

* Quantity must meet minimum order for given product. This is usually about 25 pieces for most products, and lower in some cases. Please see product line for exact quantities.