LED Necklaces

Set Descending Direction
  1. Light Up Red White & Blue Globes Party Necklace
    Red White & Blue Light Globes Necklace

    ITEM NO: 12275-RWB

    As low as $2.44
  2. Woman displaying Light Up Red White & Blue Star Beaded Necklace
    Red White & Blue Star Lights Necklace

    ITEM NO: 12418-RWB

    As low as $2.64
  3. Woman wearing USA LED Light Up Stars Necklace
    Jumbo Stars String Lights Necklace

    ITEM NO: 12169-RWB

    As low as $2.74
  4. Red White & Blue Light Up Hawaiian Lei
    Red White & Blue Light Up Hawaiian Lei

    ITEM NO: 12085-RWB

    As low as $1.89
  5. Man wearing Red White & Blue Tri-Color Neon Glow Necklaces
    22 Inch Tri-Color Red/White/Blue Glow Necklaces

    ITEM NO: 10596-RWB

    As low as $0.57
Set Descending Direction
Let freedom ring with red, white & blue Jewelry! Brighten your 4th of July barbecue with Flashing Star Necklaces, throw USA Mardi Gras beads out at parades or pass out American Flag LED lapel pins at patriotic events. No matter what the occasion you can show your American spirit with Patriotic Light Up Jewelry.