Hats & Headwear

Set Descending Direction
  1. Woman wearing LED Christmas Crown Light Up Hair Wreath
    Christmas Crown LED Tinsel Wreath Headband

    ITEM NO: 12443

    As low as $4.34
  2. Deluxe Santa Hat Light Up Christmas Hat
    LED Santa Hat Deluxe Light Up Christmas Hat

    ITEM NO: 12551

    As low as $3.19
  3. Female displaying Light Up Christmas Beanie Hat
    Light Up Christmas Beanie Hat

    ITEM NO: 12212-GNR

    As low as $7.69
  4. Light Up Christmas Queen Antlers Headband
    Christmas Queen Light Up Antlers Headband

    ITEM NO: 12448

    As low as $3.59
  5. Light Up Christmas Golden Antlers Headband
    Golden Antlers Blinky Christmas Headband

    ITEM NO: 12378

    As low as $3.99
  6. Woman wearing Five Star LED Light Up Santa Hat
    Light Up Santa Hat with Stars

    ITEM NO: 10889

    As low as $1.64
  7. Girl displaying LED Light Up Reindeer Antlers
    Blinky Soft Reindeer Antlers with Jingle Bells

    ITEM NO: 11632

    As low as $4.09
  8. Light Up Spiral LED Santa Hat
    Silly Spring Santa Hat with Blinky LED Snowflakes

    ITEM NO: 12221-RD

    As low as $3.54
  9. Female displaying Tinsel Light Up Halo Crown Headband
    Tinsel Light Up Halo Crown Headband

    ITEM NO: 12341-MLT

    As low as $3.84
Set Descending Direction
There's snowbody like you! Jingle Bell Rock a Light Up Santa Hat this holiday season. Light Up LED Christmas Headwear is perfect for Ugly Sweater Parties, Xmas Eve, and work party events! Flashing Head Boppers, Blinking Reindeer Antlers, Color Changing Fiber Optic Headbands... get on the nice list and Santa will bring them all!