Swords Sabers Blasters

Set Descending Direction
  1. LED Pumpkin Toy Sword Expanding Saber
    LED Pumpkin Toy Sword Expanding Saber

    ITEM NO: 12524-PUMK

    As low as $4.29
  2. Light Up Magic Prism LED Toy Saber
    Magic Prism Light Up Sabers LED Swords

    ITEM NO: 10861

    As low as $2.94
  3. Jack O Lantern LED Sword Saber
    Pumpkin Jack O Lantern LED Sword Sabers

    ITEM NO: 11531

    As low as $3.49
Set Descending Direction

Prepare for battle and let your inner warrior out to play! Flashing swords & light up sabers with fantasy sound effects are a hot commodity among kids and adults forever young at heart. Choose from fun Space Gun Blasters with Sound Effects, blinking LED Ninja Swords, swashbuckling Pirate Swords, Futuristic Space Weapons with Motion Activated Sounds, Double Sided Saber Swords and SO much more. FBL's fun selection of LED light toys is always growing, so check back often.