Set Descending Direction
  1. Blue Light Up Glow Bracelet
    8 inch BLUE Glow Bracelets

    ITEM NO: 10600-BL

    As low as $0.15
  2. Blue LED Light Up Fiber Optic Toy Wand
    Blue Flashing Stick Wands with Blue Sparkle Fibers

    ITEM NO: 11777-BL

    As low as $1.44
  3. Light Up Charm Snowflake LED Necklace
    Glow Snowflakes LED Big String Lights Necklace

    ITEM NO: 12277-BL

    As low as $2.94
Set Descending Direction

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with FlashingBlinkyLights. FBL stocks body lights, LED jewelry and other novelties to decorate and share. Check back with us annually, for our Hanukkah section is growing! Mazel Tov!