Valentine's Day

Set Descending Direction
  1. Woman wearing Light Up Love Hearts Head Boppers
    Light Up Love Hearts Head Boppers

    ITEM NO: 11026

    As low as $1.84
  2. Female displaying Light Up Pink Glam LED Faux Fur Boa
    Pink Glam Light Up Faux Fur Boa

    ITEM NO: 12330-PK

    As low as $10.99
  3. LED Pink Light Up Devil Horns
    Pink Devil Horns with LEDs

    ITEM NO: 11440-PK

    As low as $1.34
  4. Woman displaying Light Up Pink Beaded Necklace, No-Flash
    Still-Light Pink Beads No-Flash Necklace

    ITEM NO: 12462-PK

    As low as $2.09
  5. Non-Light Up Rainbow Heart Pride Fan
    Rainbow Heart Pride Fan (NON-Light Up)

    ITEM NO: 12478-RNBW

    As low as $0.89
Set Descending Direction

Why settle for plain old flowers and hearts when you could have light up roses and LED hearts? FlashingBlinkyLights stocks lots of lovable light up goodies perfect for all the sweethearts in your life! Choose from LED heart jewelry, fiber optic flowers, funny Valentines party favors and more. Our selection is growing so please check back often...