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  1. Multi-Color LED Light Up Heart Toy Wand
    Rave Lights Party Heart Wand

    ITEM NO: 12041

    As low as $2.19
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EDM Festivals call for Light Up Rave Toys & wearable Glow Supplies. FBL stocks all the latest lights for EDM concerts! Choose from LED apparel like EL Wire Hoodies, Shoe Lights & Rave Gloves that make light trails.  Big Bow Headbands paired with Fuzzy Leg Warmers that flash neon colors are a must!   More Rave Gear like Bouncy Blinky Noodle Headbands, Light Wands and Glow Sticks are essential at EDM Festivals & Concerts - bring enough to share on the dance floor & make friends for life.  Need something easy to just grab & go? FBL exclusive Glow Party Packs are compact & ready to roll with everything you need to make your EDM experience unforgettable.