LED Costume Hats

Set Descending Direction
  1. Girl wearing Red Roses LED Devil Horns with Flowers
    Red Roses LED Devil Horns with Flowers

    ITEM NO: 12503-RD

    As low as $2.74
  2. LED Pink Light Up Devil Horns
    Pink Devil Horns with LEDs

    ITEM NO: 11440-PK

    As low as $1.34
  3. Light Up Spiral LED Santa Hat
    Silly Spring Santa Hat with Blinky LED Snowflakes

    ITEM NO: 12221-RD

    As low as $3.54
  4. Woman wearing LED Christmas Crown Light Up Hair Wreath
    Christmas Crown LED Tinsel Wreath Headband

    ITEM NO: 12443

    As low as $4.34
Set Descending Direction
LED Hats are a sensational way to top off a costume! Cap your rodeo get up with LED Cowboy Hats, complete your swashbuckling outfit with a Flashing Pirate Hat and crown your princess ensemble with Light Up Tiaras. With Viking Horns, Bunny Ears, Devil Horns and so much more FBL has the perfect finishing touch for any costume. Our selection is growing so please check back often...