Club, Event & Disco Lights

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  1. Frosted Multicolor Black Stemmed Martini Glass
    Frosted LED Martini Glass with Classy Black Base

    ITEM NO: 11732

    As low as $3.59
  2.  Light Up White Sequin Fedoras
    Sequin White Flashing Fedoras

    ITEM NO: 11600-WT

    As low as $5.89
  3. Multicolor LED Light Up Ice Cubes
    Inspiration Ice Cube Multicolor Lights

    ITEM NO: 11463-MLT

    As low as $1.94
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Transform your event into a real life dream! Light Up LED Furniture that changes color makes chillin' out with your friends that much brighter. Glowing decor is the perfect party must have for clubs, weddings, discos & more! Our endless glow in the dark products don't just have to be found in club furniture and nightlife, but can be the new addition to your neon themed room! Check back often so you don't miss out on our new awesome flashing, blinking products!