Bargain Light Sabers

Set Descending Direction
  1. Light Up Candy Cane Christmas LED Toy Saber
    Candy Cane Light Sword Christmas Saber

    ITEM NO: 12429

    As low as $3.44
  2. Light Up Magic Prism LED Toy Saber
    Magic Prism Light Up Sabers LED Swords

    ITEM NO: 10861

    As low as $2.94
  3. Jack O Lantern LED Sword Saber
    Pumpkin Jack O Lantern LED Sword Sabers

    ITEM NO: 11531

    As low as $3.49
Set Descending Direction

Looking for an economically savvy party favor for your next space themed adventure? Look no further... Check out some of our lowest priced Light Up Swords and LED Light Sabers. Wholesale pricing for buying in bulk can add up to some sweet savings!

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