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  1. Woman displaying Light Up Red White & Blue Star Beaded Necklace
    Red White & Blue Star Lights Necklace

    ITEM NO: 12418-RWB

    As low as $2.64
  2. Light Up Red White & Blue Globes Party Necklace
    Red White & Blue Light Globes Necklace

    ITEM NO: 12275-RWB

    As low as $2.44
  3. Red White & Blue LED Light Up Cowboy Hat
    Red White & Blue Cowboy Hat, White Light Up Brim

    ITEM NO: 11832-RWB

    As low as $7.34
  4. Light Up Soft Cat Ears LED Headband
    Soft Cat Ears Pink Light Up Headbands

    ITEM NO: 12351-PK

    As low as $4.04
Set Descending Direction

FBL has the best selection of light up wholesale LED party products. Find new ideas for unique gift giving, decorate your special events with lights to make them extra memorable, or just wear funky fun LED Light Ups out on the town, any ol' time! They're a blast. From flashing jewelry, to LED wands & toy swords, to sparkling fiber optics & slow color change led home decor mood lighting, FBL has all your light up needs covered. Check back often, for we're constantly getting new light products in!