Light Up Wands and Light Swords

Set Descending Direction
  1. Light Up Orange LED Patrol Wand
    Flashing Orange Lights Patrol Wand on Breakaway Lanyard

    ITEM NO: 10227-OR

    As low as $1.54
  2. Light Up Candy Cane Christmas LED Toy Saber
    Candy Cane Light Sword Christmas Saber

    ITEM NO: 12429

    As low as $3.44
  3. Light Up Unicorn Party LED Wand
    Light Stick Unicorn Party Wand

    ITEM NO: 12456

    As low as $2.74
  4. Fiber Optic Santa LED Wand
    Fiber Optic Santa LED Wands

    ITEM NO: 10760

    As low as $1.89
  5. Light Up Fiber Optic Snowman LED Wand
    Fiber Optic Snowman Light Wands

    ITEM NO: 11793

    As low as $2.34
  6. LED Spinning Snowman Light Up Wand
    LED Spinning Snowman Light Wand

    ITEM NO: 10735

    As low as $4.24
  7. Assorted Light Up Fiber Optic Halloween Wands
    Flashing Fiber Optic Halloween Wands (Assorted)

    ITEM NO: 10842

    As low as $2.04
  8. Spinning LED Light Up Star Wand
    Magic Spinning Stars Light Wand

    ITEM NO: 11266

    As low as $4.34
  9. Pumpkin Face Light Up Fiver Optic LED Toy Wand
    Pumpkin Face LED Wand with Flashing Fiber Optics

    ITEM NO: 11524

    As low as $1.74
  10. LED Light Up Halloween Spinning Pumpkin Wand
    LED Pumpkin Fun Wand with Spinning Lights

    ITEM NO: 11722

    As low as $4.04
  11. Crystal Skull LED Wands, Dual Sided Light Show and Sound
    Crystal Skull LED Wands, Dual Sided Light Show and Sound

    ITEM NO: 12049

    As low as $3.19
  12. LED Light Up Crystal Christmas Tree Show Wand
    13.5" Crystal Christmas Tree Light Wand

    ITEM NO: 12052

    As low as $2.49
Set Descending Direction
FBL knows every growing child dreams of being something enchanting, be it a fairy princess, magic wizard, pirate or jedi warrior. Our huge selection of Light Up Wands and LED Swords and find just what you need to make playtime even more magical or add the perfect touch to a Halloween costume. Our selection is growing so please check back often...