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Great Selling Tips for Light Up Flashing Jewelry Retailers

Flashing Blinky Lights started out in the flashing jewelry industry by vending retail at fairs, carnivals and street fairs.  In our experience, we found that doing some simple stuff while vending would double and triple our sales!  We thought that it would be helpful to pass on this knowledge to you, our Flashing Blinky Lights customers!  
Give Quantity Discounts for Light Up Flashing Jewelry - While selling flashing jewelry, it's always a good idea to give some kind of quantity discount. We always sold our light up blinky lights for "one for $6, two for $10". This would always encourage customers to buy more flashing jewelry. If you are selling in a heavy competition environment, or you feel that this price is too high for your location, you can bring the price down to "one for $5, two for $8" or even "one for $3, two for $5". Open up your customer's minds about buying multiple light up items at a time.
Wear A LOT of Flashing Jewelry - Just pile the light up stuff on and don't worry about looking like a blinking fool! You will definitely sell a lot more light up flashing jewelry. Get excited! Your enthusiasm will get contagious and we promise that your customers will notice.
Competition is Good - Don't worry if you're selling in a location that has competing light up items. It's actually better for business because people will see other people walking around blinking, causing awareness and a contagious desire to buy some light up things for themselves. Just think about all this exposure as free advertisement.
Offer Unique Light Up Flashing Jewelry - Stand apart from your competition by choosing unique styles that your competitors don’t offer. Brighter is typically better.
Don't Over-buy - Don't choose too many styles so that your customers won't take a long time to make their selection. Make their decision-making process simple and fun by limiting their choices to about ten to twelve good styles. This will also make it easier for you to be able to help multiple customers at the same time when your store is swamped with buyers.
Don't Under-buy - Buy larger quantities of fewer styles. You don't want to be selling blinking lights like hot cakes and run out in the middle of the night.
Up-sell Batteries - Batteries are a great add on sales for any light up item. Or, use a free set of batteries as a negotiating tool if the customer is on the fence about a purchase. Extra batteries benefit your customer because they can enjoy their purchase multiple times.
Let your Flashing Jewelry Light Up Brilliantly - Pick a dark selling spot to display your light up products so the LEDs light up at their best.
Good luck, and sell a million!
Your Friends at Flashing Blinky Lights
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