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My favorite product is the Green Light Up Devil Horns.

Two years ago at the Full Moon Party in Thailand, my husband brought one of these and told me to put it on, so I did. Good thing I did because shortly after I got separated from the group. There were thousands of people there at that famous beach party and I thought I would never be found.  But it was a breeze to spot me wearing these awesomely bright green LED devil horns, lighting up the top of my head.

It turned out to be a super fabulous night. Every time I see those horns it takes me back there. 

Green Light Up Devil Horns
 Laura C. Green Light Up Devil Horns - #11246

The Light Up Blue Star Head Boppers.  Why? Because they're non-stop AWESOME DUH.

They bring out the carefree kiddo in this jaded grown up. They match my Tshirt-and-jeans wardrobe, and most importantly match my unidentified flying personality.  I'll wear them while visiting mom & dad (a definite ice breaker when politics come up), while babysitting my friends' kids (no explanation necessary), and a trip to the bar just wouldn't be right without them (smiling strangers gives me hope for humanity).

The only thing that would make Light Up Blue Star Head Boppers even better is if I could get them permanently fused onto my head.  Until that day, FBL's got my back.

Light Up Blue Star Boppers
 Nikki P. Light Up Blue Star Head Boppers - #11024

The Light Up Shot Glasses! Not only are they my favorite but all my friends love these as well. We have also printed this item many times for large companies in the liquor and spirit business.

These electrifying shot glasses are perfect for party time. I keep them in my freezer so anytime I have a night-time get together with my friends you can bet we will have the light up shot glasses set up and ready for fun. Just like all of our light up barware / glasses, no party would be complete without them. I couldn't think of a better way to get everyone lit and in the mood for a great time!

One night we even brought them out to the local bar and everyone was going crazy over these. Even the bartender had to place an order once he saw peoples reaction to them. One lady actually offered $50 for just one glass! So the next time you are gathering party supplies for your upcoming event make sure to add the light up shot glasses & get ready for SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! 

Light Up Shooter Shot Glasses
 Rod M.  Light Up Shooter Shot Glasses - #10634


One of my favorites is the Light Up Sunglasses.

I ran in the Southern California Ragnar Relay along with a team of 11 others.  We ran from Santa Barbara to Dana Point – about a 200 mile run split up into 36 shifts.  Some of those shifts were at night so of course I brought a ton of blinkies for my teammates to wear.  My longest leg started just before dusk.  It was 7 miles through hilly Calabasas.  As I was rounding the last corner, happy to finish my leg, and to my surprise, I saw my whole team decked out in FlashingBlinkyLights.  Everyone had a pair of light up sunglasses on and a bunch of other light up items.  The sight was unbelievable and made me forget about how exhausted and in pain I was. 

The rest of the night the whole team ran around with the light up sunglasses and other light up gear.  At the relay point, it was actually very helpful as we could distinguish our team runner coming from far away.  My team even decked out the entire van we had, putting magnets and tube necklaces all over the outside.    I was a little worried about driving around with all the lights on the outside of the car.  We pulled up to a 7-11 at about 3am to get some drinks and food and sure enough some cops pulled up.  One got out and started walking toward us.  We thought he was going to tell us it was illegal and to take them off, but instead, he asked where he and his buddy could get some Light-Up Sunglasses!! 

Flashing Sunglasses Supreme Assortment
 Chris C. Flashing Sunglasses Supreme Assortment - #11047



I love the Lighted Ice Cubes! These things look awesome in a drink, especially a few of them in a tall glass. I've also tossed them in a swimming pool, planters, and just around the house at family gatherings and other parties. They are the best lighted décor item, in my opinion, simply because they really are multi-purpose. They appeal to all ages, too!

Over the years I've heard (and seen pictures) from so many of our customers who have really been creative with how they've used the cubes, from being a major part of an impressive wedding centerpiece to lining a walkway for a Hollywood party. Whenever I try to think of something fun to order for a get-together, I know I can never go wrong with our Lighted Ice Cubes. 
Lighted Ice Cubes
 Zac C. Check out all Lighted Ice Cubes

My favorite product would have to be the Mini Laser Projector LED Light Show. They are especially fun for me, a musician and music lover, because you can set the lasers to sync up with music.

Whether you're writing your own tunes, throwin' a shindig, or just trying to blow some minds, there's nothing better! Far out, man!

Mini Laser Projector LED Light Show
 Jeff W. Mini Laser Projector LED Light Show - #11464

I love the chunky, retro style of theLED Mood Ring. The Color Changing effect is understated yet still grabs a lot of attention, looks cool day or night and matches any outfit!

Color Changing LED Mood Ring
 Heidi S. Color Changing LED Mood Ring - #11420

My favorite product would have to be the Light Up Highball Glass. Ended up buying this for a friend for New Years Eve as a thanks for letting us crash their huge party, and consequently ended up using it all night myself. It just looks cool, incredibly cool, Ocean's Eleven-level cool, if you know what I mean. The lights themselves are very strong and the effect isn't tacky at all, which is what one may expect from a light-up glass, but in the dark, these glasses, any of them really, look awesome. It's like having a drink, but in the game from Tron. Coolest drink to have in it? Red Bull/Cranberry Juice Cocktail with a cherry in it, add any special "flavoring" desired. Wink. Now try it, I dare you.

Light Up Highball Glass
 Andrew D. Light Up Highball Glass - #11460

Track pants lining for the dance floor, Saturn's rings on a diorama, cheap PC mod, futuristic backpacks, glowing art installations, space suit cosplay..need I say more? EL Wire can be hacked endlessly for anything you can imagine. I like to wrap it around my limbs, neck, or hips for some compelling jewelry that screams eccentric and sci-fi.

 What do I consider an excellent product? Something that's versatile, reusable, and battery replaceable; guess what..this has all three of these qualities! 


Neon Blue EL Wire
 Samus A. Neon Blue EL Wire - #11537-BL